Posted by tina on Oct 30, 2015


high volume merchant accounts, high risk merchant accounts

Tired of Being Told How Much You Can Process?You've got a fast growing business.  And need processing volume to accommodate growth.  Orders are coming in. Month on month growth rates are escalating.  And yet, your payment processor refuses to increase your processing limits.  Maybe you haven't..

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Posted by admin on Sep 15, 2014


Payment Processing for Fantasy Sports

Accept Payments from PlayersAccepting payments from players converts the fantasy into real money for fantasy sport site owners.  Cards and echecks are the best payment options.Fantasy Sports Players have Money to SpendThere’s no doubt about it.  Fantasy sports are big business.  Last year,..

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Posted by admin on Sep 24, 2013


high risk merchant accounts

High Risk Merchant Accounts TypesBanks classify certain types of business as high risk merchant accounts. Statistically, high risk merchants have a greater likelihood of chargebacks and fraud, increasing the chance of financial losses for acquiring banks.Companies in any industry with fast growing..

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Posted by admin on Feb 12, 2013


high volume merchant account, high risk merchant, high risk merchant accounts

Businesses processing more than $100,000 per month are considered high volume merchants. As part of the application procedure, high volume merchants are asked to submit financial statements consisting of Balance Sheets and P&L (Profit & Loss) Statements.The financial statements are part of..

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