Posted by admin on Sep 22, 2013


alternative payments

Alternative Payments Increase Profits Within the next three years, 30% of all Americans will an alternative payment method when making purchases online rather than cards. In the US, echecks are the most common alternative payment option offered by internet merchants.Many countries internationally..

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Posted by admin on Dec 18, 2010


High Risk Merchants

High risk merchants are the leaders when it comes to implementing successful payment processing technology. Companies are classified as high risk merchants because of the greater likelihood of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions associated with particular industries or business models. ..

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Posted by admin on Jun 08, 2010


Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Alternative PaymentsConsumers abandon shopping carts for many reasons. Regardless or the reason, an abandoned shopping cart means no sales to you.According to a recent study 22% of buyers said the absence of the payment method they wanted to use was the reason..

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Boost Profits with Alternative PaymentsCards are the most popular method of payment for consumers making purchases online.  But, if you only accept cards at checkout, you are losing sales and leaving money on the table unnecessarily.  Alternative payment methods are the fastest way to increase..

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