High Risk Payment Gateway Protects Processing

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Processing with a High Risk Gateway 

High risk payment processing gateways give you a solid backbone and reliable infrastructure for high speed transaction processing with 100% completion rates.  High risk gateways outperform most financial banking networks. While providing special features for  high volume merchants and companies in high risk processing categories.

Level 1 PCI-DSS Protects Your Business

A high risk payment processing gateway keeps your transactions safe and secure.  The gateway:

  • Exceeds all standards for merchant and cardholder security.
  • Reduces cost of managing payment processing systems.  Manage / load-balance multiple merchant accounts on a single platform
  • Token encryption of recurring payments keeps you safe.  Process payments without storing or transmitting cardholder data.
  • Domestic and international merchant accounts through one system.  
  • Keeps your payment processing safe & guards against security breaches

Anti-Fraud Weapons Defeat Cybercriminals

One of the major benefits of a high risk processing gateway are the many built in tools that help keep your business safe.

  • Get more good orders.  Eliminate bad ones before they occur
  • Hundreds of transaction validation tests with results returned in seconds.
  • Exclusive databases not commonly used in card processing industry give you extra levels of safety
  • Merchant configurable rules filtering hierarchy. Customizable parameters for accepting and rejecting transactions.

 Use these Automated Tools Increase Approvals & Reduce Costs

  • Identify legitimate sales and decline fraudulent ones
  • Risk scoring models
  • Order velocity monitoring
  • Track buyers’ use of multiple payment types and brands
  • Card verification
  • Positive / negative consumer data from merchants worldwide
  • Address verification
  • IP geolocation
  • Device fingerprinting with packet signature inspection
  • Telephone confirmation / reverse phone look-ups
  • Consumer history of initiating chargebacks
  • Internal positive / negative / review lists
  • Accept / block strategies
  • Methods to minimize international fraud
  • Prevent identity morphing
  • Chargeback retrieval & management tools
  • Consolidated data reviews and audit trails
  • Detect system intrusions &reconstruct events
  • Enhance security and assure payment processing system integrity


Payment processing gateways protect your business. Offload the responsibility for compliant processing to your PCI-DSS payment gateway. Saving you money.  And keeping your processing safe.

High risk payment processing gateways offer you extra features to help your business. Load balance among multiple accounts. Enable fraud-fighting tools within the gateway. Customize to fit the specific needs of your business.  

And rest easy, confident that your payment processing accounts are secure.  

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Multicurrency payment processing increases orders from your buyers worldwide. Contact info@paynetsecure.net today.

Growth in Global eCommerce

According to a pymnts.com analysis, the global ecommerce sector is currently worth $1.2 trillion. As domestic markets mature, international markets are becoming increasingly attractive.  There’s real opportunity for growth when you target international buyers.

Shoppers world-wide want to feel comfortable buying on your site.  And the easiest way for you to encourage shoppers to order is to display pricing in local currencies.  

Multi-currency processing the simplest way to build trust and encourage orders.  Keep visitors on your site focused on buying.  Rather than being distracted thinking about how much a product will cost in their own currency.  

Multi-currency processing shows the amount of a purchase in the local currency of the buyer.  Customers shop without confustion and concentrate on what to buy, not currency conversion.   

Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment  

 Global ecommerce comes along with great opportunities, but also with new challenges. One of them is shopping cart abandonment which occurs if the currency being displayed to the customer is different than the local currency familiar to buyers.

While it is easy to focus on the potential of global ecommerce, keep in mind the most basic method of reducing shopping cart abandonment is by implementing multicurrency processing.

One of the most common deal breakers that leads to shopping cart abandonment occurs when the website displays the local currency in the initial stages of the order processing, yet another currency shows up when the customer reaches the payment page.

Adding a currency translator during the payment process may help the customer get a picture of the costs.  But, providing actual multicurrency processing is second to none in terms of conversion and customer satisfaction.

Keep Buyers Focused on Purchasing, Not Converting Currencies

Currency discrepancies generate multiple issues for the buyers.  

Imagine the uncertainty about buying from you if customers cannot quickly see exactly how much the product will cost them in local currency.   Buyers also wonder if there will be additional costs that are not revealed, such as currency exchange rates charged by certain processors.  

The confusion leads to frustration and unwillingness to make a purchase now.  And it’s unlikely potential customers will revisit your site in the future either.

Even if customers do buy, the lack of knowledge of what the items actually cost in local currency creates unnecessary issues for you in the future.  Lack of multicurrency processing result in complaints and even chargebacks, particularly if the currency discrepancy means that customers pay more, not less than what was anticipated.  

How Many Currencies Do You Need?  

Based on the information gathered from multiple markets, the minimum number of currencies that should be available on the website in order to achieve moderate success in cross-border ecommerce is six.

PayNetSecure believes that six currencies is too low when it comes to having a truly global customer base. The key to maximize success is to offer processing in the currency of the local buyer, no matter where the buyer is located.  

This is why the payment platform provides merchants the capability to accept no less than 164 currencies with settlements in 25 currencies.

This diversity is facilitated by the vast network of acquiring banks located around to world that you have immediate access to when you establish your merchant account.

As a result, you

  • Obtain more sales through localization of payments
  • Create more income by reducing processing and cross-border fees
  • Simplify operations by streamlining accounting and reconciliation processes

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High risk merchant accounts.  Get the processing power you need.   Competitive rates.  Fast approval.  Call (214) 269-9364 today.

What are high risk merchant accounts?

High risk is a classification used by the banks to determine the potential for future contingent liabilities of loss for a bank. You can be classified in a high risk category for several reasons.  

For instance, if you are targeting markets outside of the US, a bank may classify you as high risk regardless of the type of product or service you are selling. 

The types of goods and services you sell may put you in a high risk classification.  Because certain industry types have a greater than average likelihood of charge backs.   (A charge back occurs when a consumer contacts their card issuing bank claiming that the goods or products were not as represented to be by the seller.)  

If you sell either high or low tickets items you can be classified as high risk by banks.  High ticket items represent greater potential risk of loss if there are chargebacks.  Sites selling low ticket items are often targeted by fraudsters checking to see if a stolen card has been reported yet or if the card can still be used.  

Fast growing internet merchants are also categorized as high risk because the banks may question if you can handle such rapid growth.  And you cannot, the bank holds the bag for a loss if you go out of business or cannot fulfill commitments to customers.  

Internet sales are higher risk than swiped transactions.  Yet many internet merchants can still be classified in standard risk.  It depends on the on the product and services being sold.  For instance, if you are selling clothing online, you’ll probably be standard risk.  If you are selling adult oriented products, you’ll be high risk.

One of the biggest threats facing online businesses today is fraud.  Cybercriminals around the world are looking to exploit internet merchants  

Using stolen card data, items are bought, and shipped by the criminals.  By the time the real card holder discovers the loss and reports it, the items are long gone.  Being aware of how fraud can affect your business is essential to your overall success.

High Risk Industries

Here’s a partial list of high risk industry types.  Keep in mind that there are many other types of businesses that can be considered high risk.  You’ll know very soon after you start applying for merchant accounts whether or not you fall into a high risk category.

  • Adult Content
  • Call Centres
  • Online Game
  • Forex & binary options
  • ISP and Hosting services
  • Collection agencies
  • Credit Repair
  • Online lenders
  • Travel
  • Dating
  • Health and Healthy Living Products
  • Prepaid Phone Cards & VOIP
  • Money Transfer
  • Nutracuticals
  • Internet Services 
  • Direct Sales
  • Software Downloads
  • ID Theft Protection Services

The Pros of High Risk Payment Processing

Though it sounds like a negative thing to be considered “high risk” there are some advantages to being a high risk merchant and being able to process high risk payments.

  1. Global Expansion

With high risk payment processing you can accept card-not-present transactions that low risk merchants and account holders generally can’t. You are also able to process lots of different currencies which means you can deal with clients all over the world. You also have the options of selling to customers globally.  

  1. Earning Potential

With high risk payment processing you have a limitless earning potential as you can expand into larger markets. You can offer recurring payments to your clients and sell them any legal product or service that they are in need of.  And high risk merchant accounts, especially international ones, often have no caps on processing volume.  Allowing you process as much as you need.  

The ability to set up recurring payments is the real advantage to your earning potential as you are able to set up a steady stream of income that can be relied upon before selling additional products and services.

  1. Greater Tolerance for Chargebacks

Offshore high risk merchant accounts can offer you higher charge back thresholds.  Still control over chargebacks is vitally important part of merchant account management.   

PaynetSecure.net specializes in high risk payment processing for US and international businesses.  You’ll receive fast agressively competitive rates, fast turn-around, and personalized customer service.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you.  

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