Squeezing More Money from Recurring Billing

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The average customer lifetime value (ACLV)  is a key measure of profits for businesses offering online subscriptions or on-demand delivery of services.  SaaS providers, cloud computing, online entertainment, games, virtual goods, internet services, are among companies that take advantage of recurring billing to extend ACLV.

All types of payment methods can be set up for automatic billing, including echecks, debit, and credit cards. Recurring payments stabilize monthly cash flow.  Once a customer is placed on a recurring billing plan, revenues continue to flow unless the customer cancels or a transaction is not completed.

Providing your customers superior customer service goes a long way in extending ACLV.  And automating of recurring billing and payment functions goes a long way in protecting cash flow.

During each recurring billing cycle, up to 18% of transactions are declined.  Transactions fair for many reasons.  Card dates expire, cards are reissued, or buyers are over credit limits.  Regardless of reason, up to 25% of cards are reissued each year.

Echeck transactions also fail.  Echeck transactions generally bounce only when an account is temporarily low on funds, resulting in a “bounced” or returned item.  Accounts using echecks or direct debits from bank accounts have higher ACLV because people rarely change bank accounts

Stop the Revenue Leakage

The quickest way to transform declined card transactions to approved items is to use an Automated Updater Service.  This service is available only for high volume accounts and requires a direct plug in to the processor.

When a card transaction is declined, account updater automatically checks the card issuing bank to get updated information on a card.  Up to 80% of the transactions are then approved because many declines are for easy-to-fix issues like expired dates.

Recapture declined echeck sales by automatically resubmitting the returned item.  Most of the time, consumers do not mean to bounce a check; they simply have miscalculated how much money is in the bank.


All departments must work together to extend the lifetime value of customers.  The ability to automate paying processing functions increases productivity, decreases expense and keeps customers on the books.

Automated account updating eliminates the need to contact the customer and risk an unnecessary cancellation or interruption of service.  Keeping the customer happy is the ultimate secret of extending ACLV.

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ECigarette Market is Booming

The US ecigarette market accounted for over $1 billion in sales in 2013.  More than 2.7 million smokers are now sucking on ecigarettes rather than tobacco.

The growth curve for the product will escalate in the coming years.  Ecigarette are considered less harmful than tobacco products.

Big tobacco companies are entering the ecigarette market.  Advertising by these brands is sure to drive demand higher.  growing quickly and seen as less harmful than traditional cigarettes because they don’t involve combustion.

Ecommerce Accounts for Ecigarette Merchants

Accepting credit and debit cards for online purchases of ecigarettes is necessary to capture sales from buyers who want the product.  Customers are loyal and tend to purchase frequently from the same merchant. 

Since ecigarettes are not tobacco, one would think that merchant accounts would be easy to establish.  However, many banks consider ecigarettes in the same category as tobacco.  As a result, merchants selling ecigarettes are classified as high risk merchant accounts.

Card processing accounts are available for high risk merchants.  Rates are generally higher than standard risk accounts for merchants with low processing volumes.  However, high volume accounts with processing can qualify for standard risk rates

Applying for Your Ecigarette Merchant Account

Applying for your merchant account is a simple process.  You submitt an application form along with information about your company.  Accounts are approved within a 2-3 days.

You can accept all credit and debit cards through your account.  Integrating payment processing with your website is through an Application Processing Interface (API) which is a simple plug-in for your webmaster.

Your ecigarette merchant account can accept card orders made online.  Phone and mail orders can be entered using a virtual terminal which is included with every account.

Recurring Payments for Ecigarette Merchants

Many customers order vapor kits and supplies on a regular basis.  Once buyers find a trusted supplier, they return often to make purchases.

Recurring billing is a standard feature of all ecigarette merchant accounts.  You can offer your customers the ease and convenience of  receiving products on a regular basis, all without the need to place a new order every time.

Recurring payments are a great way to get more orders, stabilize cash flow, and build long-term customer relationships.


Opportunities for ecigarette sales are booming.  

Yet the classification of the ecigarette industry as high risk merchants makes it challenging to obtain payment processing accounts.  

Still, you have many options for ecig merchant accounts at attractive rates.  With processing capacities required to accommodate your business growth.

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Payment Processing for Multilevel Marketing

Most MLM companies are considering or have already expanded globally.  Although The US market showed a respectable growth of 5.9% in 2012 international markets are simply too compelling to ignore.

According to the World Federation of Direct Sales Associations, growth of international markets continues to create new opportunities for MLM companies. The Asia/Pacific and Central/South American markets represent some the biggest areas for expansion.

In Europe, high unemployment in Western Europe  have led many to consider selling direct.  And the emerging Eastern European countries represent a strong group of entrepreneurs who are eager for opportunity.

In order to capture sales from international buyers, companies must accept payments from both distributors and consumers.  Participation in an international bank network is the fastest and easiest way to get to market quickly, while keeping costs low and benefits high.

Multicurrency Processing and Settlement

Throughout the world, each country and region has its preferred method of making purchases online.  Card payments are common in North America, Australia, UK, and in some Asian nations, such as Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.  In Europe, outside of the UK, bank transfers are preferred.  China Union pay is a necessary payment option to offer in China.

A single plug in to an international bank network gives you the ability to process different ways of payment in any currency desired.  Payments and settlements can be made in 150 currencies.

Multicurrency processing lets distributors and buyers purchase products in local currency.  The familiar methods of payments enhance trust, increase sales and make the online or smart phone buying experience seamless.

Settlements of processing funds can also be provided in any currency.  Use settlements made in local currency to pay distributors and vendors within a country or region.

Local settlements of funds help avoid costly foreign exchange expense.  And processing in local currencies saves you money in cross-border transactions, reducing processing expenses.

Accessing the International Bank Network

The international bank network is designed for high volume processing.  MLM need to be processing at least $5 million dollars per month.  Once accepted, you can process as much volume as you need.

The bank network is the choice of processing for large direct sales organizations located throughout the world.  Merchants using the network reduce expenses and increase revenues while gaining access to specialized processing solutions.


Many MLM companies target global markets.  Entrepreneurs around the world are eager for the opportunity offered by multi level marketing.  

Payment processing is vital to the success of MLM companies.  International merchant accounts give you the ability to accept card payments globally.  And include alternative payment methods the are popular in the regions where your distributors are located.

A global processing platform lets you easily accept payments from distributors and customers regardless of location. And simplify your account management, accounting and reporting functions.  

International merchant accounts reduce processing expenses.  While maximizing your profits.

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