Posted by admin on Jan 15, 2010


According to a survey from ABI Research , businesses are vulnerable to loss of sensitive and confidential information because mobile phone calls are being intercepted. Close to 80% of companies use mobile phone to discuss private information but only 18% have call security procedures in place.

A recent example of vulnerability of mobile phone calls comes from a August 2009 news story about hackers in Germany. The cybercriminals are creating a code table that bypasses the encryption of GSM mobile calls, used in 80% of the world’s cell phone calls. This codebook is predicted to be available for free within a few months.

Equipment used to intercept phone calls is also getting cheaper. For example, some hardware to intercept mobile phone calls is selling for less than $1000, chump change for criminal enterprises.

Security of mobile voice calls is vulnerable at all points along the call transmission path. Multiple mobile operators across different countries mean a single security standard will be almost impossible to implement.

So be careful when talking on your mobile phone. A safe assumption is that you and the person to whom you are speaking are not alone.

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