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China Union Payment Processing

China Union Pay Boosts Sales

Accepting China Union Pay cards is vitally important to online merchants who want to capture sales from Asian consumers.  With over 2.9 billion card holders, buyers who prefer China Union Pay as a payment option can rapidly increase your customer base and add millions of dollars to your profits.

Many payment processors say they can process China Union Pay cards.  The reality is that they cannot.

The failure occurs at checkout.  When the customer enters the China Union Pay card information, the transactions “time out” before a sale is completed.

This occurs because the processor is not connected directly to China Union Pay.  Instead the transactions are routed through another network.  That’s creates a big problem.

The result is that customers are frustrated and leave the site.  You can literally be losing millions each month in sales.  That quickly adds up to serious loss of revenue over the course of a year.

Increase Sales with Direct Connection

There is now a better way to process your China Union Pay cards.  Transactions are completed quickly.  Customers are happy.  And you reap the benefit of increased sales from a fast growing legion of buyers who want to purchase your products.

By connecting directly to China Union Pay, you capture orders that are now being unnecessarily lost.  Increasing profits.  And satisfying consumer demand for your products.

Chinese Demand for Luxury Goods Sky Rockets

McKinsey Research says the Chinese will account for 20% of all luxury goods sales by 2015.  The Chinese purchase luxury goods primarily through the internet and by travelling to retail locations outside of China.

Online merchants selling luxury items are among the biggest beneficiaries of the demand for goods.  Fashion and the products with the newest technology are keenly popular.  

Chinese customers want the real items.  Internationally known brands are favored.  Counterfeit items are no longer acceptable to savvy online shoppers.

International merchants who ignore the demand from the rapidly growing Chinese market are leaving money on the table.  Make it easy for Chinese shoppers to buy from you.  Don’t frustrate them at checkout with a card processing that doesn’t work.


China represents one of the fastest growing segments of global ecommerce. Millions of Chinese are eager to access goods and services from internet sites, regardless of where you are located.

To take advantage of the huge opportunities offered by the burgeoning Chinese markets, accept the preferred method of payment.  China Union Pay is the most popular card used by Chinese shoppers.

When you add China Union Pay to your checkout page, you get more sales from Chinese buyers.  It's simply smart business to make it easy for customers to buy from you.  The more ways customers can pay, the more orders you get.

Do you want to get more sales from Chinese buyers who are avidly searching for your products? 

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