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credit card processing

Processing with a High Risk Gateway 

High risk payment processing gateways give you a solid backbone and reliable infrastructure for high speed transaction processing with 100% completion rates.  High risk gateways outperform most financial banking networks. While providing special features for  high volume merchants and companies in high risk processing categories.

Level 1 PCI-DSS Protects Your Business

A high risk payment processing gateway keeps your transactions safe and secure.  The gateway:

  • Exceeds all standards for merchant and cardholder security.
  • Reduces cost of managing payment processing systems.  Manage / load-balance multiple merchant accounts on a single platform
  • Token encryption of recurring payments keeps you safe.  Process payments without storing or transmitting cardholder data.
  • Domestic and international merchant accounts through one system.  
  • Keeps your payment processing safe & guards against security breaches

Anti-Fraud Weapons Defeat Cybercriminals

One of the major benefits of a high risk processing gateway are the many built in tools that help keep your business safe.

  • Get more good orders.  Eliminate bad ones before they occur
  • Hundreds of transaction validation tests with results returned in seconds.
  • Exclusive databases not commonly used in card processing industry give you extra levels of safety
  • Merchant configurable rules filtering hierarchy. Customizable parameters for accepting and rejecting transactions.

 Use these Automated Tools Increase Approvals & Reduce Costs

  • Identify legitimate sales and decline fraudulent ones
  • Risk scoring models
  • Order velocity monitoring
  • Track buyers’ use of multiple payment types and brands
  • Card verification
  • Positive / negative consumer data from merchants worldwide
  • Address verification
  • IP geolocation
  • Device fingerprinting with packet signature inspection
  • Telephone confirmation / reverse phone look-ups
  • Consumer history of initiating chargebacks
  • Internal positive / negative / review lists
  • Accept / block strategies
  • Methods to minimize international fraud
  • Prevent identity morphing
  • Chargeback retrieval & management tools
  • Consolidated data reviews and audit trails
  • Detect system intrusions &reconstruct events
  • Enhance security and assure payment processing system integrity


Payment processing gateways protect your business. Offload the responsibility for compliant processing to your PCI-DSS payment gateway. Saving you money.  And keeping your processing safe.

High risk payment processing gateways offer you extra features to help your business. Load balance among multiple accounts. Enable fraud-fighting tools within the gateway. Customize to fit the specific needs of your business.  

And rest easy, confident that your payment processing accounts are secure.  

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