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Processing Gateway

High Volume & High Risk Payment Processing Gateway

Our payment processing gateway is designed for high volume and high risk merchants who need the ability to load balance amongst multiple merchant accounts on a single processing platform.  The payment gateway is Level 1 PCI-DSS certified and exceeds all standards for cardholder security.

The payment gateway includes powerful tools to help you guard against identity theft, fraud, security breaches, money laundering, compromised data, and other unauthorized activities. The system detects intrusions, reconstructs events, and enhances security,

Simplify Accounts Management

Many high volume and high risk merchants have more than one payment processing account. The most efficient approach to managing multiple accounts is to use one processing gateway to control accounts individually or on a global basis.

The gateway accommodates an unlimited number of merchant accounts. All accounts are managed through from a one control panel. Centralized transaction processing automates business operations, improves customer service, increases productivity, and lowers overhead costs.

Load Balance Multiple Merchant Accounts

Load balancing enables companies to easily route transactions between different merchant accounts.  Load balancing is often used by companies that diversify processing accounts to mitigate risk.   Or, companies that establish multiple merchant accounts in order to get the necessary processing volumes required for their business. 

The gateway can be configured to automatically send transactions above a certain amount to other accounts or to load balance processing between all the accounts. Rules can also be set to send particular types of transactions to different banks, based on specific criteria.

Load balancing on the payment gateway can be completely automated. Or, you can manually control the process.

Recurring Billing Automates Cash Flow

Recurring billing allows merchants to automatically process payments from customers on a periodic recurring basis. An unlimited number of recurring billing plans based on amount, duration and frequency can be created.

The payment gateway makes it easy for merchants to process recurring payments without storing or transmitting any card data. When a recurring transaction occurs, a token containing the encrypted card information is sent, rather than the card number itself. This prevents security breaches and keeps processing safe.

Companies can process recurring payments via API, batch upload or web-based interface. Recurring billing payments can easily be reconciled with internal software applications.

Boost Sales with Multi-Currency Payment Processing

The global market place is filled with opportunity for ecommerce merchants. Savvy merchants use multicurrency processing to boost orders from global buyers.

Multicurrency is a standard feature of the processing gateway. Businesses report that one of the fastest ways to increase sales from international buyers is to present and process payments in local currency.

Fast, Easy Setup

Feature rich API makes integration and implementation of the high risk payment gateway a breeze. The API is available in multiple programming languages.

Companies with special payment processing requirements save time and reduce costs with free access to the developer’s library. Take advantage of developer applications that can be quickly customized to fit your exact payment processing needs.

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