Posted by admin on Aug 10, 2009


Paypal is planning to launch a flexible-payments application programming interface that will allow merchants and others to build their own payment systems. The Adaptive Payment API lets developers and allow merchants and others to quickly integrate payment processing applications or websites

Application developers who can benefit owners of widgets on social-networking sites, or providers of payments applications for cell phones. Payment senders and receivers must have PayPal accounts and application owners must have PayPal business accounts.

The API has three categories of payment: single payments, parallel payments, and chained payments. Single-payments allow remittance of a single payment to a single receiver. Parallel payment permits remittance of to send a single payment to multiple receivers. Chained payments allow remittance of payments to send a single payment to a primary receiver, who keeps part of the payment and pays up to five secondary receivers with the remainder.

Paypal can be integrated into various payment gateways.

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