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High Risk Merchant Account Load Balancing Gateway

Companies in high risk merchant account  categories often use a gateway with load balancing to distribute transactions among acquiring banks and processors.

High risk merchants deploy payment gateways with load balancing features in order to manage accounting functions. Without a payment gateway that load balances transactions, management and reconciliation is a nightmare.

Think of the headaches if transactions flow through separate payment gateways instead of being managed through a single control panel. The results of such haphazard managements are customer service is log jams and stymied
administrative functions.

Running multiple high risk merchant accounts through a central control panel is an organized and productive method of managing payment processing. All transactions can be managed and viewed individually or all can be viewed globally from a central payment gateway control panel.

Load balancing transactions on a payment gateway can be dynamically or manually configured. This gives businesses flexibility to maximize the capabilities of each acquiring bank or processor.

High Risk Merchant Account Payment Gateway Benefits

  • Get rids of duplicate administrative tasks and increases productivity
  • Simplify reconciliation, streamline operations and reduce costs
  • Consolidate reporting functions and results in faster and more efficient decision making
  • Allows rapid response to changing market conditions
  • Helps control chargeback ratios.

Considerations When Selecting a Payment Gateway

Companies which have both domestic and offshore merchant services must make sure that the acquiring banks can be accommodated. Regardless of the where and how the transactions are processed, everything can flow through a
single network connection.

It is convenient to have Quickbooks or other business accounting systems with integrated the payment gateway. This helps in accounting functions and eases the transition of transaction data to and from internal systems. Businesses are also wise to ascertain that the service permits multiple levels of authentication and permission access control. This aids in safeguarding a business against insider fraud from employees, vendors, or others who have access to the system.

Ascertain that the service includes reporting lets you to track all transactions. Full audit trails should be included to ensure the validity of the system.

Be sure a high risk merchant account payment gateway includes powerful weapons to fight fraud. For example, security parameters determine if a transaction is accepted or rejected. Strategic management tools help companies
with save legitimate transactions, prevent fraudulent ones, and increase profit margins.

And, of course in these days of mobile and tablet payment processing, get a payment gateway that gives you these options. You’ll be glad you did.


High risk merchants acquire multiple merchant accounts to mitigate risk while increasing processing volumes.  But managing accounts through different gateways is a nightmare.

Instead, use a high risk payment gateway.  Dynamically load balance between accounts.  View accounts individually and globally.  

Simply your life while mitigating your processing risk.  Load balancing on a single payment gateway is the smart way to manage your accounts.  

Interested in the benefits of load balancing on a high risk payment processing gateway?  

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