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Adult merchant account

The adult entertainment industry is booming online. The industry has crossed the $5 billion mark and is progressing further with the inception of new business models that open new avenues. Over 40 million Americans regularly visit adult websites and more than 33 percent of all downloads made on the internet relate to pornographic or sexual material.

The industry for adult toys and sex products is currently a hit online with a raging customer base looking for new and interactive adult toys on adult-specific ecommerce stores. The market for adult toys is thriving currently with the industry projected to reach over $52 billion in market capitalization by the end of 2026.

Vendors in the adult toy industry recognize the high-risk nature of the industry and are looking for ways to maintain a secure payment solution.

Why Adult Toy Vendors Are Considered High-Risk

Adult merchant account
Adult merchant account

High-risk adult merchant accounts include digital content providers, chats, adult toy vendors and streaming services. Sexually oriented companies selling services and virtual goods online face the same high-risk tag.

Based on stats, businesses in the adult industry face greater instances of chargebacks and are also host to more fraudulent activities. Chargebacks are a significant cause of concern as customers often initiate chargebacks for over 180 days or 6 months’ worth of content. Additionally, since most married men/women buy adult sex toys without the consent of their significant other, there is a high risk for chargebacks when they are actually caught or when the amount shows up on their credit card bill.

Banks and Adult Toy Vendors

During the course of the last few years, most banks that previously recognized and accepted payments to and from adult toy vendors have distanced themselves from this business type. The reason for this parting of ways is that these financial institutions aren’t aware of the best ways to minimize fraud and chargeback in transactions.

Regardless of how well banks manage their adult merchant accounts, one bad business can disturb the chargeback threshold and the rapport of banks in the industry. Thresholds for chargebacks matter to most financial institutions today and shouldn’t be exceeded.

With an increase in merchant chargebacks, banks have purged all high-risk merchants from their clientele to adhere with regulations mandated by the law. The only way banks today can secure themselves and the adult toy vendor from fraud and chargeback is to have safeguards for chargeback and superior quality fraud protection in place.

Exclusive Networks of Banks for Adult Merchant Accounts

Paynet Secure has a developed network of international and domestic banks which provide adult merchant accounts to adult toy vendors. All of these banks are integrated in the simple solution, providing a unique platform to vendors that are otherwise tired of looking for options.

The technology in place within these adult merchant accounts ensures that fraudulent activities and chargebacks are kept to a bare minimum. As a result of these advanced security measures, banks can trust adult toy vendors and give them a long-term payment processing solution.

Paynet Secure has over 25 banks located within our network and payment processing system. With a simple plug-in, adult vendors can have access to banks and the specific features they offer.


It is necessary that adult toy vendors choose the right payment processing account to mitigate risk and minimize fraud. Are you searching for an adult merchant account?

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