Posted by admin on Oct 15, 2009


McAfee’s latest research paper called, “Inside the Password-Stealing Business: The Who and How of Identity Theft”, reveals startling facts on cybercrime. For instance, there was a 400% increase in malware designed to steal passwords in 2008. For the first 6 months of 2009, new malware surpassed the entire amount created in 2008.

Malicious software is sneaky and users have no indication of infection. Malware can be downloaded from bad email attachments or can be stealthily injected onto a computer by trusted websites that have been hijacked by cyber-criminals. It can also be sent automatically through social networks or games or by friends’ systems that have been infected.

Amazingly, gaming passwords are the most targeted logins for theft. There is a huge black market for gaming goods and currencies. , In fact, theft of gaming logins surpasses banking logins. Cybercriminals use the stolen passwords to sell off gamers’ virtual goods and gaming currencies for real money.

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