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Payment Processing for Multilevel Marketing

Most MLM companies are considering or have already expanded globally.  Although The US market showed a respectable growth of 5.9% in 2012 international markets are simply too compelling to ignore.

According to the World Federation of Direct Sales Associations, growth of international markets continues to create new opportunities for MLM companies. The Asia/Pacific and Central/South American markets represent some the biggest areas for expansion.

In Europe, high unemployment in Western Europe  have led many to consider selling direct.  And the emerging Eastern European countries represent a strong group of entrepreneurs who are eager for opportunity.

In order to capture sales from international buyers, companies must accept payments from both distributors and consumers.  Participation in an international bank network is the fastest and easiest way to get to market quickly, while keeping costs low and benefits high.

Multicurrency Processing and Settlement

Throughout the world, each country and region has its preferred method of making purchases online.  Card payments are common in North America, Australia, UK, and in some Asian nations, such as Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.  In Europe, outside of the UK, bank transfers are preferred.  China Union pay is a necessary payment option to offer in China.

A single plug in to an international bank network gives you the ability to process different ways of payment in any currency desired.  Payments and settlements can be made in 150 currencies.

Multicurrency processing lets distributors and buyers purchase products in local currency.  The familiar methods of payments enhance trust, increase sales and make the online or smart phone buying experience seamless.

Settlements of processing funds can also be provided in any currency.  Use settlements made in local currency to pay distributors and vendors within a country or region.

Local settlements of funds help avoid costly foreign exchange expense.  And processing in local currencies saves you money in cross-border transactions, reducing processing expenses.

Accessing the International Bank Network

The international bank network is designed for high volume processing.  MLM need to be processing at least $5 million dollars per month.  Once accepted, you can process as much volume as you need.

The bank network is the choice of processing for large direct sales organizations located throughout the world.  Merchants using the network reduce expenses and increase revenues while gaining access to specialized processing solutions.


Many MLM companies target global markets.  Entrepreneurs around the world are eager for the opportunity offered by multi level marketing.  

Payment processing is vital to the success of MLM companies.  International merchant accounts give you the ability to accept card payments globally.  And include alternative payment methods the are popular in the regions where your distributors are located.

A global processing platform lets you easily accept payments from distributors and customers regardless of location. And simplify your account management, accounting and reporting functions.  

International merchant accounts reduce processing expenses.  While maximizing your profits.

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