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Load Balancing for High Risk Processing

Many high risk merchants have more than one merchant account. The reason is easy to understand.

Relying on a single bank for high risk processing is no longer viable. Underwriting guidelines change. Banks get acquired or merge. And often times, a bank will simply decide to exit the high risk processing business.

To mitigate risk and safeguard business operations, companies establish more than one merchant account. Yet, unless all account can be boarded on a single gateway, administration and management becomes a nightmare.

What is Load Balancing?

The term load balancing means you can dynamically switch processing among different merchant accounts.

Load balancing on a payment gateway enables you to board multiple merchant accounts on one gateway.  And manage all accounts through one dashboard.

Load balancing allows you to mitigate risk, maximize processing volumes, and easily manage accounts.  Accounts can be dynamically configured with a myriad of parameters to obtain the best payment processing results.

Benefits of Load Balancing

One of the primary benefits of managing multiple merchant accounts through a single payment gateway is the ability to simply accounting, customer service, and management functions.

Consider a company that has 3 different merchant accounts.  Without a gateway that can accommodate more than one account, the company would need 3 different payment gateways.

Each gateway requires its own login and password.  Each is associated only with the transactions that are run through a single merchant account.  There is no global overview of all accounts.  Details on each must be compiled separately.  Managing and reconciliation of accounts is difficult.

But, if the company puts all 3 merchant accounts on a single payment gateway and load balances, the picture changes. 

Merchant accounts can be viewed globally or individually.  Reporting is consolidated.  Account reconciliation is easy.  Redundancy of function is eliminated and productivity is increased.


High risk merchants often have more than one merchant account. When all the accounts are boarded on a single gateway, processing can automatically be load balanced between all accounts. Management and administration of all accounts is is simplified, saving time, effort & money.

How are you managing your high risk merchant accounts?

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