International Payment Processing Solutions

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International Payment Processing Solutions

International merchant accounts are an essential part of a payment processing strategy for companies that want to capture sales from the rapidly expanding global eCommerce market.  International payment processing saves you money.  And gets you more orders.

Diversification of payment processing with international merchant accounts is also important to high risk businesses.  High risk merchants discover it often easier to obtain accounts offshore than through domestic banks

However, applying for accounts with banks in multiple countries is a daunting task for any business. The secret to establishing international payment solutions for your business is to use a network of banks. PayNetSecure allows your business to set up accounts quickly while diversifying your payment processing.

With one simple application, you’ll gain access to a network of banks who “bid” on processing transactions for your business. This exclusive network of banks is only available through PayNetSecure, at no charge to you.

Benefits of Global Payment Processing

Offshore merchant accounts reduce your business’s expenses and increase growth. PayNetSecure offers the following benefits:

  • Easy Application. Applying for an international merchant account is simple, easy and free.
  • Save Money. Take advantage of lower interchange rates on international merchant accounts to save money on payment processing.
  • Increased Payment Processing Capability. International merchant accounts offer high volume payment processing capability.
  • Lower Risk. Diversifying your payment processing methods with international merchant accounts gives you opportunity to respond rapidly to changing market conditions.
  • Protect Your Business. Redundancy of payment processing across multiple jurisdictions with international merchant accounts ensures that your business has a contingency plan to ensure payment processing continuity.


Lower Processing Fees

Some businesses opt to process payments offshore because they want to avoid additional fees. Banks and card brands earn millions each year from the add-on fees for cross-border payments. They make unnecessary profits from merchants’ hard-earned revenues.

In addition to avoiding cross-border payment processing fees, international merchants save even more by being able to take advantage of lower “intra-region” interchange rates. By processing through a local bank, the cost of sale could be significantly reduced due to the difference in interchange fees alone.

International payment processing is also beneficial to high risk merchants who seek to diversify merchant accounts offshore.  International banks are often friendlier than domestic banks for merchants in high risk industries and offer high volume processing accounts.

Eliminate Currency Conversion Problems

Using international payment processing solutions can virtually eliminate all currency conversion problems. When orders are paid for in a foreign currency, they are settled in that same currency. There is no need to convert the currency, which enables the business to save on foreign exchange expenses. The settlement amounts are exact, there are no time lapses and account reconciliation becomes much easier.

PayNetSecure makes it easy to establish your international payment solutions quickly. With our services, companies gain faster access to working capital, decreased operating expenses and reduced cost of sales.

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