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International Merchant Accounts

Global eCommerce payment processing for high risk merchants.  Unlimited volume, Multicurrency processing.  Advanced fraud and chargeback protection.  Competitive rates.  Fast approvals.

Last year, almost 2 billion international shoppers purchased goods or services online.  By next year, the global eCommerce market is projected to be a staggering $4.8 trillion.

Billions of potential customers are one click away from buying from your site.  International merchant accounts are vital to maximizing your profits from this vast and growing market. 

Higher Card Approvals for Global Ecommerce

 International Merchant Accounts
International Merchant Accounts

Domestic merchant accounts are fine for processing transactions from domestic shoppers.  Yet, using a domestic merchant account for international transactions stifle profits from global ecommerce orders due to the following reasons:

  • High decline rates for international cards means sales are lost.
  • Costly cross-border payment processing fees adds unnecessary expenses.
  • Uncertainties associated with currency conversion impact cash flow.

International merchant accounts eliminate these issues.  Resulting in more profits for you

Global Ecommerce International Merchant Accounts

The secret of saving money while increasing profits from global eCommerce is to use a payment processor with a network of banks located in the regions where your targeted customers live.  In this way, your card approval rates remain high, resulting in more completed sales.

The best global eCommerce strategy is to establish international merchant accounts in your targeted markets.  This gives you the ability to process US transactions through a US bank, European payments through an EU bank, Asian cards through an Asian bank and so forth.

Many nations have alternative in-country payment methods specific to their country or region.  For instance, local bank transfers are popular in Europe.  Adding local payment options preferred by international shoppers is a fast way to boost sales up to 40%.

Increase Orders Fast with Multicurrency Processing

 International Merchant Accounts
International Merchant Accounts

Multicurrency payments combined with websites in local languages is a key strategy to maximize profits from sophisticated global ecommerce shoppers.

Distractions like converting prices to local currencies lead to confusion, not to sales.  Confused shoppers are likely to leave your site and click over to your competitors with similar products who have prices displayed in local currencies which shoppers immediately understand.   

Making it simple for shoppers to quickly see the cost of products in familiar local currencies is simply smart business. Buyers trust you more. You create an atmosphere that relaxes customers and encourages spending. 

Accept payments in 160 currencies globally.  Receive settlement of processing funds in all major world currencies.

Applying for an International Merchant Account

Applying for an international merchant account is a straightforward process.  An application is submitted along with supporting documents about your business.

Supporting documents include:  ID for the signer on the account; voided check for the bank account where processing funds will be settled; business bank statements; payment processing history; and details about the business entity. 

Approvals for international merchant accounts take 5-10 business days from the time the completed application file is received.

International Merchant Account Approval Process

Underwriters review the application file and verify the details are accurate.  Addresses, phone numbers, emails, and corporate documents are confirmed. Customer service email or telephone numbers may be checked via “cold-calls” to verify good service is being provided.

Websites are thoroughly reviewed.  The underwriters confirm that products or services are described in detail, and pricing is displayed clearly.  Privacy, refund, shipping, and other policies are reviewed. 

Processing history is examined.  If chargebacks are edging up, it is helpful to provide a short explanation for the reasons of higher chargebacks.  Describe what is being done to keep chargebacks under control.

Bank statements are reviewed, confirming enough operating capital is available to offset processing risk.  Having enough money in your business bank account to support the requested processing capacity helps speed account approval. 

It is common for underwriters to do a google search to check the reputation of the company.  Naturally, no company has perfect reviews.  Still, it’s a good idea to google your company and check reviews.  If there are negative comments, respond in a positive and polite manner.  This shows that you care about the experience customers have with your company.


International merchant accounts are a proven method to increase profits from global ecommerce sales. 

  • Boost approval rates from international cards
  • Inspire trust from international buyers
  • Reduce processing rates
  • Decrease FX expense
  • Multicurrency processing gets you more orders from international buyers

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