Posted by admin on Nov 05, 2009


Interesting payment processing comments on the direction on international ecommerce from researcher BuddeComm.

  • Spending on online advertising will account for around 13% of overall ad spending worldwide.
  • Alternative payment systems are growing as a global consumer marketplace is demanding payment methods other than credit cards.
  • Social media is key in the digital economy and the leading players in this sector will seek to expand their services and incorporate e-payment and m-payment services.
  • PayPal is still by far the most popular online payment system worldwide, with around 45% of its customers based outside of the US. PayPal will contribute around a third of eBay’s overall revenue in 2009.
  • China now has more Internet users than the USA and offers significant opportunities for e-commerce.
  • Online travel is one of the most successful international ecommerce segments. The economic downturn has impacted online travel spending by at least 10% as consumers and businesses reign in spending. But, over $110 billion is still expected to be spent on online travel in the US alone in 2009. Traffic from social networking sites to travel sites is growing and unleashing opportunities for travel sites to further leverage social networks.

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