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High Risk Merchant Payment Processing

Ecommerce companies classified as high risk merchants get more payment processing power by gaining access to a network of acquiring banks rather than relying on a single financial institution.  Diversification of high risk processing is the secret to maintaining liquidity in your business while guaranteeing you can continue to accept card payments on your site.

The top performing ecommerce products last year included video games, computers, consumer electronics; and software, each of which grew 13% or more in the past year. There's a big demand for products classified as high risk by acquiring banks.

If you are a company classified as a high risk merchant, obtaining the payment processing required to grow your business is among your greatest challenges.  

Banks and High Risk Processing

A high risk merchant account is essentially a short term line of credit extended by a bank to a business.  As the world-wide economy continues to stagnate, banks are tightening credit.

Less available credit affects payment processing.  Companies are discovering that banks are reluctant to increase credit limits, particularly for high risk merchants.  Yet, additional lines of credit for payment processing are vitally important to accommodate business growth.

Some banks are purging entire high risk processing portfolios in order to avoid losses from contingent liabilities associated with chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.  When this happens, thousands of companies processing with the bank suddenly have to find other accounts.

Strategic Planning for High Risk Merchants

It’s amazing how few companies have a “Plan B” in place for payment processing.  After all, the ability to accept cards on an ecommerce site is crucial for any business.  Yet, many companies don’t examine the potential consequences of having a single high risk merchant account.

Don’t be lulled into a sense of complacency.   Assuming that can continue processing high risk transactions through your bank is like running your business with blinders on your eyes.

Get smart.  Make sure you have multiple banks available for your high risk merchant account processing.

Protect Your High Risk Processing

Consider boarding all your high risk merchant accounts on a single platform.  With one application, you can gain access acquiring banks located throughout the world. Diversifying your payment processing is accomplished through a single plug-in to the high risk gateway.

Because there are so many banks in the network, you get virtually unlimited lines of credits to accommodate high volume merchant accounts, including high risk processing.  The banks in the network “bid” on your business, assuring competitive rates.


Diversification of high risk merchant accounts is simply smart business.

Use a high risk gateway to load balance among accounts & simplify account management. And gain access to high volume payment processing to accommodate your growth. 

 Are you interested in diversifying payment processing to protect your business operations?  

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