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High Risk Merchants Benefit from Multiple Accounts

Gone are the days when single merchant processing accounts were sufficient. Gone are the days when acquiring banks encouraged business growth. And gone are the days when high-volume and high-risk merchants could rest easily that their processing accounts were protected.

It’s an odd fact that in today’s economy, fast growth scares some processors. Processors promise merchants who open a single merchant account that fast growth will not be a problem. Oftentimes, however, that simply is not true. In today’s volatile and fraud-filled economic world, rather than being rewarded for fast growth, high-volume and high-risk merchants are punished.

If yours is a business with substantial month-on-month processing growth, load balancing payment processing among multiple merchant accounts is the best way to protect your business.

So how do high-risk merchants benefit from multiple accounts?

Multiple accounts facilitate fast growth

High-volume and high-risk merchants report increasing frustration because acquiring  banks have begun instituting a monthly volume cap on their processing. Not so with multiple merchant accounts. With multiple accounts, businesses can dramatically increase their sales volume and process payments without interruption. Merchants      processing more than $100,000 per month should consider opening multiple accounts, which allow them to continue to grow their business and avoid hitting a volume cap.

Manage multiple accounts on a high risk processing gateway 

Processing electronic payments through multiple accounts allows you to load balance between the different accounts. With a high risk processing gateway, you can view accounts individually or globally, making management of multiple accounts easy. Customer service, accounting, reporting and reconciliation of accounts is a simple. a breeze.

Multiple accounts protect your business

Because of various new regulations, acquiring banks are taking a closer look at merchant account portfolios. Banks see merchant accounts as short term lines of credit, so when credit tightens, payment processing accounts are affected. More and more banks are putting caps on the amount of processing that can be run through high volume merchant accounts.

Establishing Multiple High Risk Accounts

The implementation of simultaneous merchant accounts can be smooth and easy, as long as you have the right technical infrastructure for support.  A high risk gateway to enable load-balancing is a must. It’s also good to have either in-house or outsourced services at the ready, including accessible tech-support and a solid understanding of e-commerce.


More and more businesses are operating with multiple processing accounts. They have wised up to the fact that no longer can they do business securely or efficiently with single accounts. In today’s world of online buying, merchants are saving their businesses with several merchant accounts, allowing them the processing volume they need to accommodate growth.

As a quickly growing high-risk merchant, you mustn’t jeopardize your business’ potential by relying on the single payment processors of old. Get yourself another merchant- or two or three. Get yourself a payment gateway so you’ll have the capability to load balance between your newly established multiple accounts.

Then get yourself a cup of coffee and relax.

Are you a high risk merchant that wants to expand processing capacity with additional accounts?

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