Posted by admin on Aug 06, 2010


Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-networks are a popular way of sharing files, software, and other applications between individuals.  But, P2P networks are increasingly be used for identity theft and fraud.

P2P networks make it easy for criminals to remotely access the computers of anyone that is hooked in to the network.  Once the computer is accessed, it’s a snap to grab tax returns, credit reports, bank statements and other information. Criminals use the stolen information to create fake credit card accounts and fraudulently purchase thousands of dollars worth of products and services from unsuspecting merchants.

Innocent victims never suspect that the information on their computers has been compromised through a P2P network.  Hackers can quickly gain access to the network and so vast amounts of damage within minutes.

If you are using a P2P file sharing network, it’s smart to have a separate computer for the application.  Keep the computer on a different system, including different routers and servers.  Use different passwords and login names and make sure to keep no personal info on the computer used for P2P file sharing.

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