Posted by admin on May 18, 2010


Location Matters

Cybercrime continues to march forward.  More than ever, you must be diligent in tracking where orders are originating from. There are certain locations that present significantly greater risk of fraud for online merchants

Amazingly, some merchants are not taking even the most basic precautions in protecting against fraudulent transactions.  If fraud is not controlled, your merchant accounts can be put at risk.  

Geolocation Tools Within Payment Processing Gateways

The simplest way to track, change, block, and manage order locations is to enable the tools in a payment processing gateway.  High risk processing gateways have particularly robust geolocation management tools.  

The gateway gives you the ability to track orders, block orders, hold orders for manual review, and a wide range of other options.  Geolocation services are easy to turn on. And provide you extensive protection at a very low cost.

Geolocation to track where orders are originating from is a basic part of fraud protection.  Both standard and high risk merchants  are wise to use the gateway to help control fraudulent transactions.  

Other Tips to Prevent Fraud

Here are 7 more easy-to-implement ways to reduce ceommerce fraud:

  • Use Address Verification System (AVS) whenever possible
  • Require the buyer input the the 3 or 4 digit code on the back of the credit card
  • Check the Bank Identification Number (BIN)
  • Use Negative/Positive database to screen out buyers with histories of bad transactions
  • Check for consistency between card holder's claimed location and computer's IP address
  • Block transactions from IP in countries which are notorious for fraudulent transactions
  • IP and ISP confirm the ISP of the IP address


Enabling geolocation and other fraud fighting tools in your payment gateway goes a long way to protect you from fraudulent transactions.  

Cybercriminals seek vulnerable merchants to prey upon. Don't be an easy target. Protect your business using the tools that are readily available in your payment processing gateway.  

How are you protecting your business against fraud?

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