Posted by admin on Oct 14, 2009


According to a survey by Tealeaf  Technology Inc., whose software analyzes consumer behavior online, 48% of US adults are buying more online this year than in 2008.

Most ecommerce transactions go smoothly. Still, 80% of online shoppers reported having a problem when buying online. Problems included error messages, problems logging in, and other negative experiences. Tealeaf estimates that online merchants will lose $47.6 billion in sales this year because of site glitches.

Consumers that do not have good experiences do not stick around and leave the site to go buy elsewhere. Customers complain about bad experiences on social networks and blogs rather than to the merchant. The viral effect of complaints on public forums is detrimental to merchants. More than half of the consumers surveyed said what they saw on social networks influenced their buying decisions and 82% said such material influenced which merchants they bought from.

A payment gateway and good shopping cart have tools to help you control ecommerce payment processing glitches.

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