Posted by admin on May 11, 2010


Fraud is Rampant Online

Fraud is exploding on the internet. 

Cybercriminals constantly hunt for vulnerable ecommerce sites.  Every day fraudsters exploit unwary merchants and steal millions. 

And, it’s not just thieves. 

“Friendly fraud” comes from real buyers who simply know how to work the credit card system in their favor.  They deny receiving merchandise or say it was never ordered in the first place. Chargeback prevention and migration is more important than ever. 

Payment Gateway Fraud Fighting Tools

It’s crucial for both standard & high risk merchants to take advantage of the tools that are readily available through the payment processing gateway in order to fight fraud.  

Extra protection is simple to implement. And provides you with an extensive array of fraud fighting tools at a very low cost.

The rule-set based fraud management utility on the payment processing gateway lets you setup a myriad of filters to help detect fraud and screen suspicious transactions. Detailed reporting give you a quick and easy way to review transactions, block suspicious activity, and zero in on malicious users.

A good fraud protection system is controlled by you and can be dynamically reconfigured to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. You can

  • Maintain good and bad customer lists
  • Create and edit processing controls
  • Restrict or allow access by banning IP addresses, counties, zip codes or any other geographic variable
  • Set controls to filter for email address, transaction count, dollar amounts, velocity checks and a variety of other parameters.

Properly set fraud filters eliminate the majority of fraudulent transactions in real time. The selected filters can be customized for each merchant, which are continuously updated to keep the you one step ahead of the fraudsters.


Put your payment gateway to work for you. Enable the extensive fraud-fighting tools within the gateway to protect your business.  Gateway fraud prevention services are a low-cost, highly effective way to safeguard your payment processing.

How are you protecting your business against fraud?

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