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Crypto Currency Merchant Accounts

Crypto Payment Processing/Crypto Merchant Accounts

Merchants tips for accepting Cryptocurrency payment processing.

Presently, the question lies in how to choose the most effective, and secure payment gateway provider

The cryptocurrency industry is quickly evolving, as well as the payment gateways sector is growing. Crypto payment gateway is a platform for online transactions that can help companies accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

What is a crypto payment processing gateway?

A crypto payment processing gateway permits businesses or companies to accept payments in the form of cryptocurrency.

If you are a merchant with an e-commerce business where money is exchanged for goods or services, then chances are you accept major credit cards as a payment method for your customers. With a crypto payment processing gateway, merchants could accept payments in the form of a variety of cryptocurrencies on their website, just like they will a credit card or bank transfer. Customers can then pay for goods using Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and lots of other cryptocurrencies.

Here is a tips guide put together to accept cryptocurrency payments from start to end. There are experts in the industry that can answer the most commonly asked questions relating to the original digital currency.

How Do Crypto Payment Processing Gateways Work?

Crypto payment processing gateways could function in many different roles.

The principal function of a crypto payment processing gateway is to allow customers to pay for goods and services by using cryptocurrencies. For example, if you'd like to allow customers to pay in Bitcoin BTC, you can use a payment processing gateway to start accepting Bitcoin in exchange for your goods and services.

Some crypto payment processing gateways could create a wallet for you to store the coins that you accept, or get connected to an existing wallet that you previously use. They could allow you to convert between different fiat and cryptocurrencies after receiving the payment. In this way, your business can receive and hold many different cryptocurrencies.

For example, if you are located in the USA you can use a crypto payment processing gateway to accept payments in Ethereum and convert to the US. Dollars you could transfer directly to your company bank account.

Reasons to Use a Crypto Payment Processing Gateway?

Accepting payments in cryptocurrencies can provide you with an edge over your competitors.  Both cards and crypto are included in the crypto gateway.  Accept cards or crypto or both.  The more ways buyers can pay you, the more profitable your business will be.

A few benefits of using a crypto payment processing gateway include:

  • Fast: Cryptocurrency transactions appear immediately, compared to the delays of credit card and bank transfers.
  • Safety: Payments are confirmed by the blockchain, enabling greater security and transparency than the potential chargebacks associated with credit card transactions.
  • Save on fees: By using crypto payment processing will also enable you to save on transaction fees connected with traditional payment methods. Traditional credit card fees could be up to seven times as expensive as fees from crypto transactions.
  • Ease of use: Crypto payment processing streamlines the process for you, from conversions between fiat and crypto to setting up wallets to receive the cryptocurrencies.
  • Accept crypto and card payments through the same gateway, streamlining reconciliation and settlements.

Choosing the Best Crypto Payment Processing Gateway for Your Business

When deciding on a crypto payment processing gateway, it’s important to look at how it can best serve your business.

Do they usually have coverage for the coins that your customers use? It’s necessary to choose the provider that supports the cryptocurrency which your customers may prefer using. Likewise, your crypto payment processing gateway should offer a conversion process between cryptocurrencies and your local currency, if you choose to convert at all.

Fees can vary across different processors. While still much lower than traditional online fiat processors, transaction fees can easily still fluctuate between crypto gateways.

Customer experience. Is the experience easy for customers to pay with crypto, or convert from fiat currency?  Will they have a helpful customer support team? Here are some other important factors to take into consideration when choosing a crypto payment processing gateway.

This allows businesses to integrate cryptocurrency into their payment option offering a fast, easy and secure entry point into the cryptocurrency market and supporting more fiat currencies and more cryptocurrencies. enables crypto access via the most generally-used mobile payments for example Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, as well as the biggest worldwide card services such as Visa and Mastercard.

Crypto Merchant Accounts

Are you operating a crypto exchange? Keep reading to find approaches to get trustworthy payment processing.

The markets could be volatile, however, which has not stopped the demand for cryptocurrency exchanges or merchants asking about crypto merchant accounts.

The pandemic has sent interest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum into overdrive. Website visits to cryptocurrency exchange websites have recently increased to over 145.3 million visits a month this past September alone. That represents a 31.5% month-on-month increase. It seems the recent surge in volatility has piqued investors' interest.

For cryptocurrency merchants operating in America Market, this represents an opportunity. With curiosity at all-time-high levels, smart operators are likely to be making the necessary preparations to build on current market conditions.

For many of you, that will mean sharpening up your payment channels. For instance, if you don't have a cryptocurrency merchant account, you could find yourself fighting to maintain demand and losing off to competitors. Not to mention suffering huge transaction fees. Would you genuinely want to miss the market opportunity? No, I don’t think you did.

This informative article will show you what actions must be taken to secure a cryptocurrency merchant account. You’ll need to lead via a hoop that few get one. Nonetheless, the payoff is huge.

Getting a license to operate is important to succeed  

Although investors are anxious to reap the benefits of risk in the crypto markets, obtaining banks and payment processors is looking to do the opposite. While interest could be at an all-time high for cryptocurrency merchants, those offering payment options for operators that accept cryptocurrency aren’t quite as enthusiastic.

First, it is important to register and possibly obtain a license, depending on your country of operation.

 cryptocurrency exchange providers and digital wallet providers. At present, you have to at least register, and in most cases, get a license to carry on.

The issue for this process varies wildly from country to country. For example, some states will call ask you to register with their national regulators.

At this time you know what you need to be the focus on, what are the next steps you should take as a merchant in the cryptocurrency straight down?

Securing Your Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

Prevent piggybacking off of other preexisting exchanges or digital currency wallet providers. White labeling is simply not viewed favorably by acquirers. Banks do not want to provide payment processing for merchants with no direct control over their products and services. The risk is too high.

They might essentially be dealing with the risk of two sets of products and services, one of which they cannot efficiently evaluate. Banks may also question your business’s ability to scale and increase in value, taking into consideration the fact that you don't have all of your software. White labeler could go bust.  This can leave you without a business overnight.

Another step to obtain a cryptocurrency merchant account is processing history. Once you have accumulated three to six months for processing, you’ll be ready to start the procedure. But what do you need?

Finally, now you know what you need to be focusing on, and you have understood all the steps you can take as a merchant in Cryptocurrency.

Benefits of a Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

The US presents the best opportunity for crypto merchants at this moment in time. While the stifling regulation in both Russia and Europe is making things hard for merchants, the US is paving the way for crypto exchanges and digital currency wallet providers. Improved as well as simple regulations combined with a push from trusted card issuers for example Visa and Mastercard make US. the place to be for providers or crypto-associated products and services.

It said, getting a high-risk merchant account in this vertical is still challenging. Operators have to remove all of the stops to convince acquiring banks that they are worth the risk. Licenses need to be obtained, and an incredible commitment to security checks is important to securing merchant account processing and scaling your business. But, by taking the measures shown in this article, you stand a great chance.

As soon as you’ve made development on those demands, it is worth calling a cryptocurrency merchant account you need to have relationships with many acquirers who accept crypto merchants and the knowledge to help put together the best application possible. Without that kind of knowledge onboard, you can spend weeks, if not months, trying to secure a high-risk merchant account in this vertical. Once you receive all this, you are good to go and your merchant account gives you the best fast transactions and now you start benefiting.


As mentioned, obtaining a license is very important. Without one, you’ll be seen as operating illegally in various US states before the end of the year. As well as being a legal requirement, they also prove your commitment to AML, KYC, and CFT checks that acquiring banks will appreciate.

So whether you own bitcoin payments for clients or provide an exchange for traders of altcoins for example Ethereum or bitcoin, don’t be reluctant to get hold of here today. Learn how you can be allowed to achieve better payment processing and scalability for your crypto business.