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China Union Pay Processing

China Union Pay Merchant Accounts

Offering China Union Pay at checkout is part of the strategy to get more orders from Chinese customers.  Yet companies that have the card often complain that millions of dollars in sales are being lost.

The main issue is that the payment page times out before the transaction is authorized.  In other words, the connection drops and the payment cannot be completed.

Imagine the frustration to shoppers who are unable to complete the purchase.  And to merchants who have gotten the buyers to the checkout page and then lost the order because the card could not be processed properly.

US ecommerce merchants are fast realizing the buying power of Chinese consumers.  Having  online payment options that work is crucial to the success of companies wanting to capitalize on desire of Chinese shopper to buy from American brands.

There is now a better way to offer China Union Pay cards on your site.  With a proven solution that works like a charm.  If you are a large internet retailer and want a solution for China Union Pay cards that actually works, contact PayNet Secure today.

Opportunity for US Internet Merchants from Chinese shoppers. 

A report from consulting firm Bain & Company reveals these facts about Chinese consumers:

Chinese consumers spent $210 billion shopping on the internet last year.  Growth to $540 billion is expected by 2015.

There was compound annual ecommerce growth rate of 71% in China from 2009-2012.  Projections are that growth will continue at an annual rate of 32% from 2013-2015

Chinese Travel the World 

The Chinese are great travelers.  As the prosperity of Chinese consumers continues to rise, airlines, cruise ships, hotels, entertainment companies and large US retailers will benefit by offering China Union Pay as a purchase option.

Chinese buyers want authenticity when buying goods  Making purchases directly from US merchants guarantees that the goods are authentic.  Clothing and luxury products sold online are of great interest to Chinese buyers

The Chinese like all of us, are concerned about health and safety.  Cosmetics, baby formula and health related products sold online are of great interest to Chinese shoppers.


The rapid growth of the Chinese middle class offers extraordinary opportunities for ecommerce companies.  

Chinese shoppers are eager to buy goods from companies, regardless of where you are located.  American products are particularly attractive to Chinese shoppers.

To maximize sales, you need to accept the payment method most familiar to Chinese customers.  Add China Union Pay to your checkout page and watch your sales grow.

Are you interested in getting more sales from the fast-growing Chinese market?

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