Charge Back Fraud Protection

PaynetSecure’s payment platform gives you a solid backbone and reliable infrastructure for high speed transaction processing with 100% completion rates. The system outperforms most financial banking networks and is designed for high volume merchants and companies in high risk merchant categories.

Level 1 PCI-DSS Security for Your Business

  • Exceeds all standards for merchant and cardholder security.
  • Reduces cost of managing payment processing systems. Manage / load-balance multiple merchant accounts on a single platform.
  • Token encryption of payment data keeps you safe. Process payments without storing or transmitting cardholder data.
  • Domestic and international merchant accounts through one system.
  • Keeps your payment processing safe & guards against security breaches.

Powerful Anti-Fraud Weapons Defeat Cybercriminals

  • Get more good orders. Eliminate bad ones before they occur.
  • Hundreds of transaction validation tests with results returned in seconds.
  • Exclusive databases not commonly used in card processing industry give you extra levels of safety.
  • Merchant configurable rules filtering hierarchy. Customizable parameters for accepting and rejecting transactions.

Automated Tools Increase Approvals & Reduce Costs

  • Identify legitimate sales and decline fraudulent ones
  • Risk scoring models
  • Order velocity monitoring
  • Track buyers’ use of multiple payment types and brands
  • Card verification
  • Positive / negative consumer data from merchants worldwide
  • Address verification
  • IP geolocation
  • Device fingerprinting with packet signature inspection
  • Telephone confirmation / reverse phone look-ups
  • Consumer history of initiating chargebacks
  • Internal positive / negative / review lists
  • Accept / block strategies
  • Methods to minimize international fraud
  • Chargeback retrieval & management tools
  • Consolidated data reviews and audit trails
  • Detect system intrusions &reconstruct events
  • Enhance security and assure payment processing system integrity
  • And much more!