Posted by tina on Jul 26, 2016


Protect Your Customers with Secure Payments

How to Protect Your Customers By Securing PaymentsOnline sales have been growing exponentially. With the rise of online shopping and mobile services, more money is spent digitally than ever before. In fact, a number of experts have predicted the death of cash by 2030.Perhaps it’s time to assess..

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Posted by admin on Oct 29, 2010


Payment Processing Security

The recently released Payment Card Industry data-security standard (PCI) Version 2.0 does not contain any major changes.  But, there were some small revisions for payment processing security.Clarifications and additional guidance included in the updates include:New language involving the scope of..

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Posted by admin on Jun 22, 2010


Gateway First Line of Defense in Processing SecurityA secure payment processing gateway goes a long way in protecting both standard & high risk merchants.  Many merchants do not realize that a gateway has many tools to protect against fraud. And also helps prevent internal security breaches..

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Posted by admin on May 18, 2010


Location MattersCybercrime continues to march forward.  More than ever, you must be diligent in tracking where orders are originating from. There are certain locations that present significantly greater risk of fraud for online merchantsAmazingly, some merchants are not taking even the most basic..

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