Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2011


High Risk Rates vs Standard RiskThe elements involved in pricing a high risk merchant account are the same as those associated with a standard risk account.  The exception to this are in reserves, which are almost always required for a high risk account and are seldom required for a non-high..

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Posted by admin on Dec 18, 2010


High Risk Merchants

High risk merchants are the leaders when it comes to implementing successful payment processing technology. Companies are classified as high risk merchants because of the greater likelihood of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions associated with particular industries or business models. ..

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Posted by admin on Dec 05, 2010


Black Friday and Cyber Monday were a successful beginning to this year’s online holiday shopping season.  On line transactions for Cyber Monday were up 60% over last year, totaling 4.89 million compared to 3.06 million last year.Internet transactions and sales jumped higher on the Tuesday after..

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Posted by admin on Dec 01, 2010


What is a High Risk Merchant?Well-managed businesses often wonder why their company is placed in a high risk processing classification.Keep in mind that a high risk processing classification is simply a label.  Classification as a high risk merchant has little to do with the specifics of a..

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