Posted by admin on Jul 23, 2013


Considering how important payment processing is to business success, many owners seem sadly lacking in awareness of what it takes to get a merchant account approved. Here are the top 3 mistakes that companies make then applying for payment processing accounts.1. Lack of good credit..

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Posted by admin on Jul 11, 2013


chargebacks, high risk, warning, refund

A direct marketing company contacted us today with an all-too-common story.  Its current high risk merchant account provider was terminating processing because the company had chargebacks that exceeded the card brands required ratios of keeping chargebacks under 1%.Simply fighting a chargeback is..

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Posted by admin on Apr 22, 2013


China Union Pay, china payments, international payments

International ecommerce merchants now have a fast and easy way to add Union Pay cards to the checkout page.  Within 48 hours, you can be accepting China Union Pay cards on your site.China is the largest emerging international ecommerce market.  China Union Pay is the primary card used by Chinese..

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Posted by admin on Apr 10, 2013


international merchant, international merchant accounts, global payment processing, high risk merchants, high risk merchant accounts

To protect cash flow and liquidity, companies with high volume merchant accounts or in high risk processing categories are participating in a unique banking network.  The network provides access to multiple direct banking relationships for payment processing through a single platform.Overview of..

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