Posted by admin on Jun 30, 2011


Adult Merchant Accounts

Sex Sells Big Time OnlineInternet adult entertainment is a $5 billion industry.  Over 40 million Americans are regular visitors to adult websites.  More than 33% of all internet downloads are of pornographic material.One thing is for sure.  Establishing and maintaining adult merchant accounts is..

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Posted by admin on Jun 23, 2011


high risk merchant account, payment gateway, merchant account

High Risk Merchant Accounts Protect Business LiquiditySecure high risk merchant accounts are crucial to maintaining business liquidity.  Settlement of payment processing funds ensures a steady source of working capital as well as capital available for investment.The term “liquidity” refers to..

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Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2011


High Risk Rates vs Standard RiskThe elements involved in pricing a high risk merchant account are the same as those associated with a standard risk account.  The exception to this are in reserves, which are almost always required for a high risk account and are seldom required for a non-high..

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Posted by admin on Dec 24, 2010


High risk merchant accounts have similar pricing component as non-risk high risk accounts.  The main difference in pricing elements is reserves, which are required for high risk accounts but are generally not for a non-high risk accounts.Here are 6 elements which comprise rates for high risk..

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