Posted by admin on Sep 17, 2009


It’s sad, but true.  When it comes to chargebacks, the credit card companies are most often on the cardholders side, not the merchants.There is a certain segment of cardholders know how to work the chargeback system in their favor.  Merchants can do everything correctly, follow all card..

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Posted by admin on Aug 24, 2009


The newest fraud being perpetrated against banks and their customers is called ag (MitP).In MitP attacks, the fraudster impersonates a bank representative calls the bank’s customer to and says that the customer’s savings, checking or card account has have been breached or compromised. The..

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Posted by admin on Aug 10, 2009


Paypal is planning to launch a flexible-payments application programming interface that will allow merchants and others to build their own payment systems. The Adaptive Payment API lets developers and allow merchants and others to quickly integrate payment processing applications or..

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Posted by admin on Jul 27, 2009


United Airlines has terminated some travel agents’ right to process credit card transactions through United Air Lines merchant accounts. For travel agents selling United Airline tickets, the termination is a shockwave which will drive down profits and threaten business operations.The termination..

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