Posted by admin on Nov 13, 2010


How Hedge Bets Relate to High Risk ProcessingDuring a trip to Las Vegas last week, we talked about various betting strategies, including hedge bets. For those of you who have never gambled, hedging is betting both (or all) sides, on the outcome of an event.Some of us thought hedging at the gambling..

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Posted by admin on Jun 01, 2010


Travel Merchant Accounts

Key to Success is Finding the Right Acquiring BankOnline travel businesses are classified as high risk merchant accounts. Still, travel merchant accounts readily available with favorable rates.  The key to establishing a travel merchant account with attractive terms is to determine which..

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Posted by admin on Apr 23, 2010


In the expanding world of ecommerce credit card fraud, here’s an interesting scam.You might have seen sites offering gift cards for a discount.  You probably figured it was way for folks to pocket some money by simply by selling a gift card they did not want.  Sounds innocent, right?Instead, a..

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Posted by admin on Apr 09, 2010


Contactless card payments have been touted as the next big opportunity in payment processing.  With a contactless card, a consumer simply waves a card at a reader rather than swiping the card.  The best applications for contactless payments are high volume, relatively low ticket environments such..

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