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Credit Card Payment Processing

Payment Processing for High Risk Merchants Banks classify merchants as high risk when the business is associated with a particular type of industry.  Certain industries have a greater likelihood of chargebacks than do others.The potential for more chargebacks increases the contingent liabilities..

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high risk merchant accounts

High Risk Merchant Accounts TypesBanks classify certain types of business as high risk merchant accounts. Statistically, high risk merchants have a greater likelihood of chargebacks and fraud, increasing the chance of financial losses for acquiring banks.Companies in any industry with fast growing..

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Payment Processing Systems Benefits

Payment Gateway Money-MakerPayment processing systems are big money makers for ecommerce companies.  Experienced ecommerce solution providers know that the correct positioning of payment gateway services is part of building of ongoing monthly income.In the cut-throat merchant account market, the..

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fantasy sports credit card processing

Merchant Accounts for Fantasy SportsAcquiring a merchant account for a fantasy sports site can be a challenge.  Yet, good payment processing solutions are available.The key to success in obtaining merchant processing to to work with a bank that understands the nature of the fantasy sports.  Many..

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