Posted by admin on Jun 10, 2015


Music, videos, mobile apps, software, eBooks, any kind of streaming media.  All these types of products fall into the category of digital goods.It's no surprise that there is a huge demand for digital goods.  The latest edition of the Global entertainment and media outlook reports worldwide..

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Posted by admin on May 26, 2015


High Risk Merchants & ChargebacksHigh-risk merchants are frequently categorized as such because of their Chargeback to Transaction Ratio (CTR). According to Visa and MasterCard regulations, if the CTR of a merchant exceeds a threshold of 1%, measures need to be taken in order to mitigate the..

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Posted by admin on May 06, 2015


high risk payments

High-risk merchants often establish more than one payment processing account to protect business operations. Load balancing multiple accounts on a single gateway is the smart way to manage all accounts.Benefits of Load Balancing Increase your productivity, getting rid of duplicate administrative..

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Posted by admin on Feb 20, 2015


high risk merchant account

High Risk Merchants Benefit from Multiple AccountsGone are the days when single merchant processing accounts were sufficient. Gone are the days when acquiring banks encouraged business growth. And gone are the days when high-volume and high-risk merchants could rest easily that their processing..

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