Posted by tina on Nov 18, 2015


multicurrency payments

Multicurrency payment processing increases orders from your buyers worldwide. Contact today.Growth in Global eCommerceAccording to a analysis, the global ecommerce sector is currently worth $1.2 trillion. As domestic markets mature, international markets are..

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Posted by admin on Aug 19, 2015


Global eCommerce

The explosion in global eCommerce represents unprecedented opportunities to you. Customers world-wide are seeking to buy desired goods from companies, regardless of location.  The world is becoming one giant marketplace.  Easy access to online shopping, rapid growth in emerging economies, and..

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international merchant accounts

International Merchant Accounts for Global Ecommerce The Asia-Pacific region represents tremendous opportunities for merchants that want to capture sales from international customers.  Forrester Research predicts that five Asia-Pacific markets will overtake ecommerce in the West within the next..

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There are good reasons Amazon and other leading ecommerce companies are targeting Brazilian customers.Brazil experienced a 29% increase in ecommerce in 2012.  And 2013 is poised to be another record year, with 25% growth and revenues topping $14.3 billion.Brazil is the 5th largest global internet..

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