Posted by tina on Nov 28, 2013


recurring payments

How to Avoid Recurring Billing Chargebacks The recurring billing business model is one of the best innovations within the ecommerce industry.  Properly implemented, recurring billingStabilizes cash flowIncreases lifetime value of customersConvenient for customers"Set it & forget it" automates..

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Posted by admin on Sep 21, 2013



Best Practices High Risk Merchant Accounts The very nature of high risk merchant accounts makes them susceptible to chargebacks.  When chargeback ratios exceed acceptable thresholds, high risk processing accounts can be jeopardized.The importance of communication between customers and merchants..

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Posted by admin on Aug 03, 2013


A direct marketing company contacted us today with an all-too-common story.  Its current merchant account provider was terminating processing because the company had chargebacks  that exceeded the card brands required ratios of..

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Chargebacks and High Risk ProcessingBusiness applying for high risk merchant accounts accounts frequently ask questions about chargebacks.Card brands consider chargeback percentages over 1% to be excessive.  Other elements that are considered when examining chargebacks are the number of..

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