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High Ticket Sales Merchant Account

ID Verification Important for High Ticket Sales 

Identify verification is particularly important to high risk merchants selling high ticket items.

Merchants selling high end electronics, jewelry, furniture, collectibles and other valuable merchandise are especially prone to fraudsters. Merchants must vigilantly guard against cybercriminals with effective means of customer verification.

Biometrics for Identity Verification

Voice verification is a biometric method that easily and quickly ascertains customer identity. It is non-invasive and non-threatening. No personal information is disclosed during the verification process which is reassuring to buyers.

A biometric system uses specific physical characteristics to verify a person's identity. The most commonly used biometrics are fingerprints, handprints, iris scans, or facial features.

Biometrics are extremely accurate. Biometric devises are used to protect top level security clearance installations world-wide. Traditionally, biometrics required a person to be physically present in order to be effective. . Voice verification moves biometrics into cyberspace.

Voice patterns are nearly as unique as fingerprints. True voice verification is different than simply comparison of wave patterns or recordings. A voice print is an actual representation of a person in the same way as a fingerprint.

A voice print measures and calculates an individual’s vocal tract through the use of spoken words. The unique biometrics are mapped through sophisticated algorithms which converts the measurements into a voice print. The voice print then becomes the unique digital representation of an individual's voice.


If you are selling high ticket items, use identity verification services. Biometrics are highly effective for ID verification. However, there are also many other cost-effective and non-invasive ways of confirming identity of buyers.

How are you handling buyer identification verification?