Posted by admin on Mar 08, 2010


Corporations Pay with Cards

These days everyone is using plastic to pay. 

And that “everybody” includes corporations.  More and more corporations are making purchases on corporate or purchasing cards.  It’s a wise decision for the company since record keeping and account reconciliation is a breeze.

Corporate cards provide an additional level of data to the purchasing business, allowing them avoid the costly administrative process of creating purchase orders, while still providing the data they need to reconcile, control and track expenses for smaller ticket items.

Corporate cards require a payment gateway that accepts as Level II and Level III cards.  The extra levels refer to the additional amount of data captured from the cards known as Level II and Level III data.


Accepting corporate credit cards is essential to satisfying the payment needs of corporate clients.  Merchants accepting cards save the cost of invoicing and get better control DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).  

Contingent liabilities are minimized, collections are easy and invoicing procedures are shortened or eliminated all together.

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