Posted by admin on Oct 11, 2010


Health Care Credit Card Processing

Health care providers and medical billing companies have been accepting card payments for a long time.   Yet, it is surprising how few health care organizations or medical billing firms accept payments online.

In this day and age, offering patients the ability to pay online seems like a "no brainer."  More than 60% of Americans already pay at least one bill online every month.  Customers like the convenience of paying online and are quickly becoming habituated to making payments over the internet.  In fact, 18%-28% of consumers prefer to make regular payments online rather than over the phone or mailing in a check.

But the potential for increasing revenues by offering online payments become crystal clear when considering consumer preferences in paying past due bills.  For bills that are 30-60 days past due, 27%-48% of consumers prefer to make payments online.  And for bills that are 60-90 days past due, 44-69% of consumers prefer to pay online.

This preference for online payments makes logical sense.  Most consumers would rather not talk to a live person or so they don’t have to speak to a ‘live’ person and go through the embarassment or hassle of a call.

It is easy and free to set up a patient online payment portal.  Health care providers and medical billing companies that want more information can contact