Finding the Right High Risk Processor

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It can be difficult to choose the right payment processor for your business, especially if you are considered  a high risk merchant.  Yet, choosing the proper processing company is essential to the growth of your business.  

Research Carefully

Businesses frequently report encountering agents who promise anything to get you to apply.  Some agents are paid a bonus on the number of accounts that are approved. The motivation is to get your account through underwriting, regardless of whether or not it meets the requirements of your business.  

For example, companies tell of agents promising required processing volumes are acceptable.  But after the account is set up, the story changes and the processing capacity needed is not permitted.

Other merchants are pleased when an account is instantly approved,  Then are shocked to have the account closed down after the processor discovers the business falls into a high risk processing classification.

Protection Against Fraud

The largest concern with online processing revolves around security and fraud protection. Merchants are often centered in the spotlight when fraud occurs, damaging their reputation and affecting their business revenue.

Javelin Strategy & Research showcases a report that defines exactly how all types of businesses, regardless of their size, can easily be victims of fraudulent credit card charges.

Small and medium sized businesses, unfortunately, cannot weather the loss of fraud as well as large firms. The report showcases that middle-market sized companies represent over 52% of where fraudulent charges occur.

When choosing your high risk payment processing company, you need to be sure that they will be capable of providing you with reliable security and exceptional protection against fraud.  PCI DSS compliance is a must-have in this industry. Without the proper fraud processing protection, your company could experience losses beyond your means.

Confirm Information

Finding the right high risk processing company that can fit your specific needs needs to be at the top of your list when scoping out potential candidates.

Confirm that the processor has the ability to manage risk properly and effectively. High risk merchants have different requirements than standard risk companies.  And need assistance from the processor to keep chargebacks and fraud under control.  

Naturally, steer clear of  processors who have hidden fees, excessive fees, or onerous cancellation policies.   

And check to be sure customer service is readily available.  Many processors have 24/7 customer service lines.  Also, be sure technical support is available to you at no charge.  


When the proper research is done, you can easily determine what high risk payment processing company suits your needs. Look for a high risk credit card processor who is willing to customize solutions to meet the needs of your business.  And has experience working with companies similar to yours.

You may also want to consider using more than one high risk processor.  Load balance the accounts on a single payment gateway.  Diversification of accounts is a prudent strategy to mitigate payment processing risk.  

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