Payment Processing for High Volume Merchants

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Tired of Being Told How Much You Can Process?

You’ve got a fast growing business.  And need processing volume to accommodate growth.  Orders are coming in. Month on month growth rates are escalating.  

And yet, your payment processor refuses to increase your processing limits.  Maybe you haven’t been processing very long.  Or maybe you are in a high risk industry.  Or maybe there are a hundred other excuses on why your growth is being restricted.  

No excuse matters when all you need is the ability to take orders and accept payments. Quickly and easily.  Without chains on your payment processing accounts.  

Banks are Not Excited about Your Growth.  Even if You Are.  

At first, it’s hard to believe that payment processors are not as excited as you are about your growth.  After all, don’t the banks make more money when you process more?  More transactions equal more payment processing fees, right?

But, let’s get real.  Banks are risk adverse.  

Sure, your business is booming.  But what the underwriters see when they look at high volume accounts is risk.  High volume processing means more risk of chargebacks.  More risk of fraud.  

Obtaining the processing volumes you need challenging.  Especially for high risk merchants.  Finding and maintaining reliable merchant accounts at reasonable rates is an on-going project.

With the constant changes in today’s banking  environment, it is crucial for you to have a strategic plan in place. When you secure your payment processing volumes, you give yourself the ability to grow your company.  

Diversify Merchant Accounts to Ensure Your Business Success

What does diversification mean?  Simply stated, it means to you need to have more than one merchant account to protect your business.   Important for merchants of all types.  

Vitally important if you are a high risk merchant that needs high volume processing.

Once you have established your accounts, load balance them on a single gateway.   Which makes account reconciliation, accounting, management and reporting simple & easy.  

For the ultimate in diversification, some companies establish merchant accounts with acquiring banks internationally.  

Offshore merchant accounts are helpful for merchants in some high risk industries since underwriting guidelines and chargeback thresholds can be more flexible with international acquiring banks. In addition, merchant accounts offshore often do not have caps on volumes.  You can process as much as volume as you need.

International merchant accounts are also valuable for companies involved in global ecommerce.  Giving you the ability to take advantage of lower regional interchange rates, eliminate cross-border fees, save money on foreign exchange, and offer multi-currency processing to international buyers. Moreover, some offshore jurisdictions offer you additional business benefits.    

How Do You Diversify Payment Processing?

It’s a good idea to get several accounts.   Grow them all equally.  Compare providers.  

If you like them all and you need the volume, keep them.  Or whittle them down to simplify.

The fastest and easiest way to establish accounts is to pick one or two brokers with which to work.  Then stick with them and don’t “shop” your processing by contacting lots of other brokers.  

Working with a payment processing specialistis is quite helpful.  But don’t go too crazy and think working with lots of brokers is better than working with only one or two. That works against you.

Everybody in the high risk industry uses the same acquiring banks domestically.  Because there are only a few banks that accept high risk businesses.    

It’s wise to avoid having the same bank see your paperwork from multiple brokers.  And having your credit checked repeatedly and unnecessarily. Plus the more your account is declined, the less likely it is that another acquirer will accept you. So, you want to carefully mange how and to where your paperwork gets sent.

Having a broker is incredibly useful, of course.  Spend a couple of hours doing some research and interviewing a few. You’ll know when you connect with the right one.  

You’ll find the industry knowledge and valuable connections a broker brings to you will save you huge amounts of time and work.  Best of all, the services a broker provides you are free.  Now, that’s a good deal.

How Payment Processors Evaluate Risk

High volume merchants are treated differently within the payment industry because of the high risk associated with processing large amounts within a short time.  The reason behind this are the  contingent liabilities associated with fraud and chargebacks.  The higher the number of transactions, the greater the perceived risk.  

Having good payment processing history is helpful to mitigate the risk.  Although fast growing companies sometimes are simply growing too fast to accumulate “history”.  

Then, you go with what you have.  If you are requesting high volume accounts and have limited payment processing history, be prepared to show other documentation to substantiate the volumes being requested.  

It is customary for payment service providers to offer payment processing with a yearly or monthly volume cap.  If you go over the cap, underwriting may reevaluate the account to see if the terms of service need to be changed. And, if a processor decides that the risk has become too great to handle, it might drop the account entirely.

Digging deeper into the peculiarities of the high volume payment processing niche will clarify the cautiousness with which merchants in this category are handled.  It all relates to perceived risk.  

Some merchants process high volumes because they sell expensive products and services. The higher the price, the more valuable they will be for fraudsters as well.  

On the other side, merchants with very low tickets and high volume can also be high risk.  Scammers “slam” stolen cards on low ticket items to see if they have been reported stolen yet before buying larger items.  

Legitimate customers may experience buyer’s remorse and seek to obtain a refund for the products they purchased, a practice known as “friendly fraud”.  Customers know how to “play the system” to avoid paying for purchases.  

And fast growing companies can represent “unknowns” to processors.  Without a proven track history, processors don’t know what chargebacks will be.  

High risk merchants in any industry  have to deal with chargebacks on a regular basis.  And the chargeback  risk increases exponentially as the volume goes up.

If the processing goes smoothly through appropriate fraud and chargeback management, the sheer volume should not have a negative impact on your account.  However, if fraud is not addressed, or if customers are unsatisfied, your merchant account company will be flooded with chargebacks, and the risk associated with processing a high volume merchant becomes unmanageable.  

Of course, this worst case scenario rarely happens.  There are many proven effective methods of managing chargebacks and fraud.  


Diversification of accounts is an an important element in payment processing for high volume merchants.  

Your payment processing accounts are the lifeblood of your business. Relying on a single bank for your high volume processing accounts leaves you open to unnecessary risk.  A smarter strategy is to establish more than one account and load balance processing among all accounts.

High risk merchants often discover diversification of domestic and international merchant accounts is a prudent strategy to mitigate risk.  

Protect your processing with early warning systems to prevent chargebacks.  And enable fraud fighting tools in your payment processing gateway to keep your processing safe and secure.  

Are you a high volume merchant who needs needs reliable processing to grow your business?  

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Payment Processing Pressure on Forex / Binary Options 

Binary options & Forex firms are among the most strictly regulated markets in the world. In an industry where payment processing is vital to success, it is increasingly challenging to obtain payment processing accounts.   

In late 2014, the National Futures Association announced a ban on funding trading accounts via credit cards beginning with January 2015.  The restriction was put into play to address situations in which customers risk and lose large sums of money which were paid for with a credit card.  Although transactions can still be funded via debit cards, it was a clear indication on where payment processing for the industry was headed.  

Another recent event dealt a blow to binary options brokers in the United States., the highly influential binary trading platform that offers technology to the vast majority of brokers, decided that it will not accept customers residing in the United States. Although the reasons behind this decision have not been stated publicly, one can speculate that the reason is connected to the ever stricter regulations under which that binary options brokers have to operate. 

The industry will surely fall back on its proven historical ability to adjust to the direst circumstances, and will find a way to survive in spite of setbacks.   For example, Forex and binary option merchants may be forced to migrate to other trading platforms to maintain their American customers.  And will find ways, including international merchant accounts, which enable customers to be able to easily and quickly fund trading accounts.  

Card Processing for Binary Options and Forex 

Creating a solid relationship with a credit card processor plays an essential role in maintaining the profitability of a trading business.  While finding a trading platform has become recently more challenging recently, obtaining accounts from credit card processors has always been problematic for binary options and Forex merchants.

The difficulty of finding the right credit card processor results from the high risk associated with the industry. Binary trading can lead to either great gains or considerable losses. If traders are dissatisfied with an unfavorable outcome of trading, they may consider a chargeback as a means to obtain a refund, in spite of the fact that they do not qualify for it.

When it comes to chargebacks, the odds are stacked against you. It is notoriously easy for customers to file a chargeback,and banks often side with their customers, at your expense.  Since a high chargeback rate introduces a liability that most credit card processors do not feel prepared or willing to handle, few processors and banks accept the industry type.  

Still, card processing accounts are still available for the industry.  In the US, informational services and software can get card processing accounts.  Trading platforms are now moving to international merchant accounts for card payments.

Alternative Payment Methods Boost Profits

Echecks are the most popular alterntive payment method in the US.  Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods and services with electronic checks rather than cards.

When you accept electronic checks online, you give traders another convenient method to fund accounts. And give US traders an effective means of trading with you.

Internationally, add bank transfers and other localized payment options to get more orders.  The more ways you accept funds, the more orders you will receive.


Forex and binary trading are popular throughout the world. Yet, to maximize profits, reliable payment processing is required.

US card processing accounts are available for binary options and forex informational and software services. Trading platforms that need card processing establish international merchant accounts.

Adding alternative payments to your checkout page gives customers another convenient way to fund orders. Accept electronic checks online for your US customers.  Add bank transfers and localized payments for your international customers.  

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Offshore Processing for High Risk Merchants

One of the most efficient means of protecting and growing your high risk business is with an offshore merchant account.

Expand your business into an ever-growing global marketplace.  By diversifying your payment processes with an offshore payment processing account, you’ll have access to more customers and more sales.

Increase Sales & Profits Offshore Merchant Accounts

Whether yours is an international company or one based in the US, it makes sense to establish an offshore merchant account.  Global ecommerce is booming.  International merchant accounts help you get more orders from shoppers world-wide, who are eager to buy from you.  

Processing payments from orders originating in the same jurisdiction as the acquiring bank saves you time and money.  

  • Take advantage of lower “in-country” interchange rates
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive foreign exchange and cross-border fees
  • Offer multi currency processing to increase sales 

In addition, offshore merchant accounts include alternative payment methods.  The more ways customers can buy from you, the more sales you make.

Accept electronic checks to get more orders from US buyers.  Give international buyers the pay you with bank transfers or localized payment options.  

             High Risk Merchants Benefit from International Accounts

High risk merchants often establish offshore merchant accounts due to the following reasons:

  • Offshore banks are often open to business types that are not accepted by US banks
  • Underwriting criteria is more flexible
  • Higher processing capacity
  • Expand international markets
  • Greater latitude for chargebacks   

International banks are more open to high risk businesses.  Underwriting can be more liberal.  And high volume processing is welcomed.  

High risk merchants targeting international markets find offshore merchant accounts translate into more sales from global buyers.  Displaying prices in local currency increases trust.  And keeps buyers focused on making a purchase rather than converting prices.

International merchant accounts also include alternative payments.  Accepting preferred local payment options at checkout gets you more sales.  You get orders from buyers that don’t have cards.  Or simply prefer to pay you with a bank transfer or other preferred method.  

High risk merchants often find offshore merchant accounts are more flexible for chargebacks.  And offer processing services that are not readily available in the US.   

Application Process

Applications for offshore processing are available to all types of businesses, including those deemed to be high risk merchants. Any company with a six-month processing history showing a minimum of $50,000 per month in volume can qualify for an account.

Applying for an offshore merchant account is similar to applying for a domestic one.  You submit an application, along with supporting documents.  Standard documents requested include information about your company, processing history, business bank statements, and proof of identity for the signer on the account.  


Offshore merchant accounts offer substantial benefits for high risk processing:

  • Diversification of merchant accounts protects payment processing and reduces risk.
  • Expand market reach globally. Get more orders from global customers with multi-currency processing.
  • Lower operating expenses. Eliminate currency exchange fees and cross-border surcharges.
  • Take advantage of beneficial interchange rates amongst processing regions.
  • Power to grow your business. Perfect for high volume merchant account processing.

Are you seeking reliable, safe and secure offshore merchant accounts for your business?


eCigrette Merchants are Considered High Risk by Banks

E-cigarettes and vaporizers, collectively known as electronic nicotine delivery devices, have become widely available, both online and offline.  However, the dispute between ecig supporters and their critics is ongoing and far from settled. Opinions on their health effects or value as replacement for regular smoking vary considerably not only amid the general public, but also among legislators and health experts.

After the negative report issued by the FDA on the worrying number of adolescents that use e-cigarettes, supporters must have felt at least partially vindicated by a widely-circulated, much more benevolent study of British origin. The study concluded that the use of these devices is 95% less harmful than smoking. The rapid dispersion of this report by numerous media outlets and websites around the world illustrates how strongly people want healthier alternatives to smoking.

If the tide seems to be turning overseas, this is not the case in the United States where the push for more regulation continues. Understandably, this is not good news for the businesses that sell ecigarettes to an ever-expanding customer base. To make the situation more challenging, the regulation that does exists has been applied unevenly across the United States, which means that some states are way ahead, while others have not treated the issue as a priority.

These regulatory uncertainties and inconsistencies are most problematic for online merchants. The default position of many payment service providers is risk-aversion.

Despite the fact that there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that supports the benefits of replacing tobacco with e-cigarettes, the under-regulation, either real or perceived, of these devices is enough to categorize the businesses selling them as high risk. More regulation will not necessarily lead to the label being removed, as it expected to see adolescents turn to online stores if they cannot get the product at a brick-and-mortar shop.

Payment Processing for Ecigarette Merchants

Under these circumstances, finding a merchant account company that is willing to provide services for e-cigarette vendors can be challenging.   Finding accounts at favorable rates with low or no reserves is critical to the success & profits of your business.   

You have many good solutions for ecigarette merchant accounts.  High volume merchants and fast growing companies often find it prudent to establish multiple accounts to avoid depending on a single processor.  

Multiple merchant accounts are available allowing you to load balance between processors to mitigate risk.  While providing you the processing power you need to grow your business.


The global vaping market, will top $7 billion this year. Get your share of the market. Optimize your profits with ecig merchant accounts which make it easy and convenient for customers to buy from you.  

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