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Merchant accounts for adult entertainment businesses.  Secure your business operations.   US and international payment processing solutions for adult merchants.

The adult industry has always had a large share of the world’s online traffic,  In fact, according to recent statistics, adult content traffic surpasses that of travel, sports, recreation, and even gambling.  It’s safe to predict that the online adult entertainment industry is here to stay.

The adult entertainment business has been a leader in innovative payment processing since the beginning of the internet.   Entrepreneurs like Richard J. Gordon, made a fortune offering card services to adult businesses.  And, companies like Naughty or Nice, have made undeniable contributions to the growth adult entertainment on the web.

 Adult Merchants Classified as High Risk

Ironically, even though adult companies were among the first to take advantage of the internet, online payments quickly became challenging for to obtain.  Despite adult merchants often being excellent customers, most US banks do not accept the industry, categorizing adult businesses as high risk.

Banks are concerned about potentially high chargeback rates, increased threat of fraudulent transactions, and compliance with strict age restrictions.  Many of these risks can be mitigated with proper management of accounts.  In fact, some of the largest adult merchants have excellent payment processing history.

US and International Adult Merchant Accounts

Today, banks throughout the world want to process payments for adult entertainment companies.  Adult merchants are often exceptionally good clients, with knowledge and experience in best practices to manage merchant accounts.

There are certainly some US banks that welcome adult merchants.  And obtaining a US merchant account is sometimes the first choice for US companies.

Other adult businesses prefer to process offshore.  Still others want both US and international merchant accounts to diversify processing and protect business operations.

For high volume and fast growing merchants, offshore accounts are an excellent option.  For example, most European banks are keenly interested in processing for adult merchants.  The Europeans banks don’t have the same concerns about the morality of adult entertainment which is widely prevalent in the US.

There are rarely volume caps offshore so you can process as much volume as necessary.  Offshore accounts have a slightly higher tolerance for chargebacks.  International merchant accounts are also well-worth exploring if you want to target buyers globally.   Surprisingly, rates offshore are similar to those in the US.


Making payments accessible for online adult businesses are necessary in order to tap the full potential of this risky, yet profitable business.  It is essential to choose the right merchant account company from the very beginning.

Many adult oriented businesses diversify payment processing accounts to mitigate risk. You can establish multiple adult merchant accounts in the US.  Or mix US and international merchant accounts..  

For companies targeting international customers, international merchant accounts  lower operational costs, reduce foreign exchange costs and increase customer satisfaction. 

Fraud fighting tools are available to help manage risk.  And special programs to prevent and manage chargebacks keep processing safe.  

Payouts for adult affiliate programs also available making it easy to pay your affiliate world-wide quickly and easily.

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Upward Growth Curve in Nutraceutical Sales

Since 2007, the nutraceuticals market in the United States has increased steadily by 7 percent every year, and today the industry is worth $75 billion. According to a recent study conducted by Nutraceuticals World, a leading online publication of the industry, the trend has nowhere else do go but upward, especially in the United States and Japan.  This growth has been sustained over these years by reduced R&D costs, permissive regulation, and health-conscious customers.

Nutra Companies Classified as High Risk Merchants

One factor that is bound to have an impact on future profits, however, is the products being made increasingly accessible to customers through online payments. Unfortunately nutraceutical companies frequently find it difficult to get a merchant account not only because of the business model, but also because of the nature of the products they are selling.

With respect to the business model, the merchants that use recurring or continuity billing, frequently described with the blanket term of “negative option billing”, find themselves on the blacklist of payment processors, irrespective of how much effort they put into achieving customer satisfaction. If used properly, negative option billing can be a profitable business model, but the prospect of handling potential chargebacks is off-putting for many merchant account companies.

It is commonly accepted that permissive regulation has contributed to the expansion of the market, but as it happens most of the time, advantages come with costs. Nutraceutical products may contain substances that are regulated differently in various countries, specifically, a substance may be legal in the country where the seller resides, but it may be illegal in the customer’s country.

These inconsistencies in regulation for dietary supplements bring about a degree of unpredictability that might later on cause compliance or legal issues. As the penalties for processing online payments for regulated substances are exceedingly punitive, it is no wonder that nutraceutical companies are turned down by risk-averse payment processors.


Merchant accounts are crucial to the success of nutraceutical companies.   In seeking reliable accounts, it is vitally important to work with merchant account providers who understand the challenges of the industry.  And can deliver to you high volume processing accounts.

Account approval is simply the first step.  Once accounts are approved, nutraceutical companies need processors that  help control chargebacks and mitigate processing risk.  In this way, your accounts are protected long-term.  Assuring the success of your payment processing and protecting your business operations.

Both US and international merchant accounts are available for the nutra industry. Diversification of accounts is a wise strategy to mitigate risk for nutra merchants.  

Nutraceutical merchant accounts are available for one-time and recurring payments. Convenient for customers. Profitable for you. 

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