International Merchant Accounts Boost Sales

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Do you have a global market and US based merchant accounts? You can reduce your processing expenses and fees with an international merchant account.

Offer your products all over the world with an international merchant account.  It’s amazing how many affluent international shoppers want to buy from US merchants.  And, savvy etailers have long known that sales can grow 30-40% with the addition of targeted and well-managed international marketing.

Reduce Costs with an International Merchant Account

With an international merchant account you can:

  • Lower regional interchange rates.
  • Eliminate cross-border fees.
  • Eliminate foreign exchange costs.

Increase Sales

See an increase in your revenue.

  • When you offer pricing in the local currency of your foreign buyers you are likely to increase sales by increasing your buyers’ trust in your organization. This trust will result in sales.
  • Companies doing international business with local payment options have been known to increase sales by as much as 35-40%.

Enhance Profits

  • Just add another payment option button – this time for local currency – and watch your profits increase. If you are going to do business on the global stage make sure you have the best and most up to date tools for doing so.
  • Offering payment in the local market currency through an international merchant account is state of the art in 21st century business practices.

How it Works

International merchant accounts are processed with processing systems that connect you directly to an in-country banking network. This network has many acquiring banks in different jurisdictions.

The diversification of accounts mitigates risk and protects the continuity of processing payments. Fraud is kept to a minimum and charge-backs can be managed.

Sophisticated  international merchant processing systems identify all the players in a transaction, the history of charge-backs or fraud, and verify the transaction. They do this through systems that are more layered, more sophisticated and more secure than any used routinely in the payment processing world.

Any type of offshore business can apply for an international merchant account as long as they are processing $100,000 a month or more and have been doing so for at least six months. With this account you have all the processing power and support you need to grow your international business as large as you desire.  Turnaround time from receipt of all application documents to account acceptance is 14-21 days.


In these days of international ecommerce, offshore processing makes good business sense. Shoppers world-wide want to buy from US merchants. One only need to look at the largest ecommerce sites to see how global the market is truly becoming today.

For high risk merchants, international processing is attractive. There is a higher tolerance for chargebacks. And, underwriting for accounts in certain industries is more liberal.

Standard and high risk merchants, as well as international companies, can enjoy the benefits of banking and business incentives available in selected offshore jurisdictions.

Get a jump on your competition by opening your sales up to entire world. Do it safely, securely and most important- easily – without breaking a sweat.

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Payment Processing for Adult Merchants

Merchant accounts for the adult entertainment industry.  Payment processing for all adult oriented business including strip clubs, dating sites, toys and novelties, legal escort services, webcams, streaming video, and downloads

Processing accounts for adult merchants are available for both US and international businesses. Diversification of payment processing is a smart move for all high risk businesses.

Concentrate on obtaining direct relationships with acquiring banks.  In this way, all settlements for processing are sent to you by acquirer, with no “middleman”, which protects you and keeps your money safe.

Globally, adult entertainment is a $97 billion industry yearly.  The US accounts for $10-12 billion of the yearly total.

Domestic Adult Merchant Accounts

High volume merchants merchants establish multiple accounts to reduce the risk of dealing with a single acquiring bank.  Merchants domiciled in the US often establish multiple domestic and international processing accounts.

The biggest advantages of US processing are lower rates and faster settlements compared to international accounts.  Also, some merchants simply prefer to have all accounts located in the US.

Still, many adult businesses target customers from around the world.  And international merchant accounts for global ecommerce decreases processing costs while increasing profits.  

International Adult Merchant Accounts

Offshore banks frequently have more liberal underwriting policies compared to those in the US.  As a result, international processing rarely has caps on volumes.  You can process as much as need.  And there is a bit more flexibility on chargebacks.

International merchant accounts give you an easy way to expand your customer base globally.  An offshore adult merchant account lets you accept cards as well as all the alternative payment methods preferred in many buyers outside of the US.  The more ways international customers have to pay you, the more sales you make.

In addition, some offshore jurisdictions offer business incentives and tax benefits not available in the US.  And, of course, diversification of accounts in different jurisdictions is the ultimate protection for your business operations.

Multicurrency processing is a standard feature of all international accounts.  Showing prices in local currencies increases web sales.  Settlement of processing funds in different currencies is also available.


Over the years, the adult entertainment industry has grown and changed.  Having multiple accounts across different jurisdictions is a smart move for all high volume merchants, including those in the adult industry.

Diversifying payment processing between domestic and international merchant accounts is a smart strategy. Establishing multiple adult merchant accounts in different jurisdictions mitigates processing risk. 

Are you an adult merchant interested in lowering your payment processing risk to protect your business?  

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