Growth Opportunities for Global Ecommerce

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International Merchant Accounts for Global Ecommerce 

The Asia-Pacific region represents tremendous opportunities for merchants that want to capture sales from international customers.  Forrester Research predicts that five Asia-Pacific markets will overtake ecommerce in the West within the next four years.

Combined ecommerce sales from five countries — China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and India — will soon surpass combined sales from the US and Europe.  Sales from the five countries will experience a compound annual growth rate of 16.61%, soaring from $398 billion in 2013 to $858 billion by 2018.

Easy Entry to Australia

The Australian ecommerce market will grow 10% a year through 2018.  Australia is the easiest country for US merchants to enter due to shared language and similar cultures.

The Australian government allows up to $1000 in purchases made from foreign merchants to enter the country duty free, a big incentive for Aussies shopping online.

Chinese Opportunities with China Union Pay

China ecommerce sales will increase from $294 billion in 2013 to $672 billion by 2018.

Merchants marketing to China must accept China Union Pay cards in order to maximize sales from buyers.  However, merchants need to be absolutely sure that the payment platform used for China Union Pay actually works.

Not all China Union Pay platforms perform as promised.  Some etailers have experienced problems with “time-outs” occurring prior to a sale being complete.

PaynetSecure has a proven China Union Pay platform that eliminates the time-out issue.  As a result, merchants will make more sales and customer frustration at checkout will be eliminated.

Japan / South Korea Tech Savvy Online buyers

Both Japan and South Korea will have annual ecommerce growth rates of 10% through 2018.  These countries require a special understanding of the buying patterns of shoppers.

With over 100 million Internet users and 75 million online shoppers Japan boasts a well-educated and tech savvy population. According to ATKearney merchants that want to maximize success in Japan need to focus on top quality websites and fast delivery services.

South Korea has young, sophisticated buyers who are comfortable buying online.  Many young buyers are especially attracted to western fashion styles, which are considered to be status symbols.

In both countries, tablets and mobile phones are hugely popular.  Present your best to these sophisticated buyers.

India Fast Growth Yet Challenging Market

Although India ecommerce growth rates will surpass 50% a year through 2018, it is one of the most challenging markets to enter.  Government restrictions on foreign investment in e-commerce have kept many eretailers out of the market.  Still, the Indian market offers some good opportunities for merchants selling computers and consumer electronics.


An international merchant account lets you take advantage the global ecommerce market place.  Millions of buyers world-wide are comfortable buying from companies, regardless of location.

Accepting card payments is important, of course.  Yet, also consider adding local payment options to get sales from customers that don’t have cards.  Or simply prefer to pay you with an alternative payment method.

PaynetSecure offers international merchant accounts for businesses interested in expanding into lucrative international markets. The company offers payments processing and settlements in 188 currencies and 44 languages world-wide. 

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Increasing Approvals for Recurring Payments

Recurring billing improves your profitability and cash flow by automating the payment process.  Flexible recurring billing plans increase consumer satisfaction by making payments easy and convenient.

Recurring payments are commonly used for services and subscriptions.  Among the fastest growing industries for recurring billing are SaaS providers and cloud computing, with growth predictions of $160 billion, including $95 billion in business and productivity applications.

Recurring billing models can be based on time intervals such monthly, weekly, daily or hourly.  Or be based on how much a service is used.

Recurring Billing Benefits

  • Stabilize of cash flow and safeguard income
  • Increase sales and expand lifetime value of consumers
  • Recover potential lost revenue quickly and automatically
  • Decrease operating expenses
  • Control process flow automatically to boost productivity
  • Retain customers by eliminating unnecessary opportunity to cancel service
  • Increase consumer satisfaction by maintaining continuity of service

Recurring Billing Payment Processing Security

Recurring billing uses tokens rather than card data for recurring payments. Cardholder data is encrypted and a token is assigned to the transaction. Recurring payments are processed using tokens.

Encrypted tokens for recurring billing keep you safe by eliminating the need to store card information on your systems.  The burden of cardholder security for recurring payments passes from you to the payment processor.  And helps you maintain compliance with payment processing security standards.

Automated Updates for Recurring Payments

It’s not unusual for 5-12% recurring billing transactions to be declined during each recurring payment cycle. Every declined transactions means potential lost revenue.

Technology is now available that converts up to 70% declined recurring billing transactions into authorized recurring payments.  When a recurring payment is declined, the transaction is sent to the issuing bank which automatically updates the card.  Updates include expiration dates, card numbers and account closures.

The recurring billing transaction is then automatically resubmitted for authorization and payment.  Once the recurring payment is complete, the money for the recurring billing flows to the merchant.


Recurring billing is convenient for customers.  And profitable for you.

To squeeze the most profits from recurring payment transactions, without extra work, put technology to work for you.  Update payment information without the need to contact the customer.  Reduce expense.  While extending the life-time value of customers.  

Account updater services are available to companies processing at least $500K a month in volume.  

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