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International ecommerce merchants now have a fast and easy way to add Union Pay cards to the checkout page.  Within 48 hours, you can be accepting China Union Pay cards on your site.

China is the largest emerging international ecommerce market.  China Union Pay is the primary card used by Chinese buyers, with more than 750 million cards issued.

A rising middle class and rapid in increase in the super-wealthy in China gives you unprecedented opportunities to increase sales simply by giving your shoppers the ability to pay you with a China Union Pay Card.

Consider these facts:

Online sales in Chinain 2012 topped $210.4 billion, up 64.7% from 2011 sales.

China’s ecommerce sales will reach $420 billion by 2015. That is 20% greater than the forecast for US ecommerce.  

An estimated 193 million Chinese buying goods and services on the internet. 

China’s middle class, will soar from 200 million to 800 million people over the next 20 years, according to Acquity Group.   The spread of government-subsidized, high-speed Internet access and Internet-connected cellphones is opening the market to 513 million potential shoppers, about 40% of the population.

China will account $27 billion, or 20%m of global luxury sales in 2015.

Luxury Brands Lead the Way

More than 43% of Chinese consumers plan to spend more on luxury products in 2013.  This varies dramatically from the 10% of Japanese and 9% of American consumers who say they’ll increase luxury spending.  Only a paltry 5% of Germans and Italians plan to spend more.

Luxury products represent the best opportunity for international retailers.  According to trend forecasting agency WGSN, “People don’t have homes to invest in in the China; homes are small, not spaces to invite your friends and display your wealth.  As a result, conspicuous consumption manifests itself in what they wear.”

According to The Financialist, China’s 30 percent luxury tax, combined with a weak euro, means that Chinese consumers can save 45-47 percent by buying European luxury goods through European retailers instead of in China . Chinese shoppers desire quality, yet are also savvy shoppers who want the best buys on luxury goods.

International merchants can no longer ignore this vast opportunity to capture more sales from what will soon be the largest economy in the world.  Since it is so easy to add China Union Pay at checkout, there is simply no reason not to start increasing your sales today.


The Chinese market is clamoring for products from international retailers.  The fast growth of the middle class in China offers you an extraordinary opportunity to grow your sales.  If you want to squeeze the most profits from the Chinese market, add China Union Pay to your payment options to make it easy for customers to purchase from you.  

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International ecommerce represents the greatest source of increased sales and profits for both US merchants and international businesses.  According to Internet Retailer, a whopping 60 percent of online merchants currently selling only in the U.S. are considering expanding to international markets in order to ride the gravy train of global ecommerce.

Payments are a crucial part of international ecommerce strategy.  Having acquiring banks in the targeted geographic areas allows you to

  • take advantage of lower “in-country” interchange rates.
  • eliminates cross-border fees
  • reduce foreign exchange expense
  • decrease payment processing costs
  • streamline account management and reconciliation
  • manage all accounts from single portal

International Bank Network is the Solution

The best way to grow your business internationally is to participate in a global banking network.  The network is designed for high volume merchants that want to quickly and easily establish multiple acquiring relationships.

A single plug in to the bank network gives you access to banks located throughout the world.  One application gives you access to all the banks in the network.  It is flat-out the simplest and fastest way to establish international payment processing solutions.

All accounts include multi-currency processing.  Shoppers pay in their own currency, increasing buyer’s trust of the merchant.  And keeps shoppers focused on purchasing, not figuring out a foreign currency.

Without using an international bank network, global ecommerce merchants are forced to negotiate with multiple banks and deal with each bank separately.  Individual banks across geographic regions present an infinite number of administrative, technical and regulatory issues.  Fee structures become overly complex.  And managing fraud risk in a fragmented manner is disruptive and ineffective.

The bank network gives merchants the ability to function on a single platform through a single acquiring network.  Electronic payments are handled through the unified network. ecommerce merchants.  The global platform helps merchants control the operations, risk, and management of international payment processing.  It’s the perfect solution for high volume international merchants.


Benefits of a Bank Network for International Payment Processing:

  • Lower processing costs through favorable volume-based pricing
  • Speed time to market by reducing resources required for development and support
  • More effective deployment of fraud and risk management systems
  • Consolidated reporting with tools for analytics, reconciliation, and transaction research

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To protect cash flow and liquidity, companies with high volume merchant accounts or in high risk processing categories are participating in a unique banking network.  The network provides access to multiple direct banking relationships for payment processing through a single platform.

Overview of Payment Processing through the Bank Network

The payment processing network is comprised of banks, located throughout the world, including USA, Europe, China & Asia, Middle East, Russia, and more.  All banks are connected to a single processing platform.  One plug in to the network gives access to all the banks, making it easy to quickly diversify payment processing accounts.

The network is available only to high volume merchants.  Participation in the network requires payment processing history of at least $500,000 per month.  Most merchants process much higher volumes.

The large number of banks in the network assures companies with high volume merchant accounts virtually unlimited transaction processing capacity, without caps on credit lines. Since banks are located throughout the world, business can take advantage of global credit markets for optimal liquidity origination

The technology platform controls risk and protects processing at both acquiring bank and merchant levels.  The payment processing system applies complex algorithms to all aspects of a transaction.  And simultaneously verifies transactions through a myriad of domestic and international databases, including many that are not usually not used in the payment processing industry.

Chargebacks and fraudulent transactions are kept at extraordinarily low levels.  Contingent liabilities associated with processing are drastically reduced, protecting banks and merchants.

The unique technology helps the banks maintain the capital risk/reserve ratios mandated by banking regulations.  As a result, the banks in the network have the ability, desire, and capital resources necessary to process for high volume, high risk merchant accounts.

Application Process

Application for accounts is always free.  As part of the application process, merchants are asked to submit payment processing history; business financials, company formation documents, and other pertinent information.  Once the application file is complete, it is distributed throughout the network.

The banks “bid” on the business which guarantees low rates to merchants.   Once the merchant decides to move ahead, payment processing agreements are sent from the acquiring bank(s).  Integration to the processing platform via API is completed and processing can begin.

After being accepted by the network, merchants can easily establish multiple accounts, without the need to apply to each bank individually.  Companies with international markets can setup accounts in a variety of jurisdictions.

Once payment processing history is established, the account is resubmitted to the entire network on a regular basis to guarantee that the lowest rates available are always in place.  And merchants have access to multiple capital markets, to take advantage of the most favorable conditions available at any point in time.

Banking Regulations and Payment Processing

Dependence upon a single bank for payment processing is a risky proposition in today’s volatile economic environment.  Multiple payment processing accounts are strategically necessary for any ecommerce merchant that wants to assure processing can continue uninterrupted.

New regulations, such as the Basel III Accords, are changing capitalization/reserve ratios for banks worldwide.  In some parts of the world, such as the US and Europe, government regulators are putting additional surcharges on top of the new regulations, exerting more pressure on banks.

As a result, banks are tightening lines of credit available for payment processing services.  Companies are discovering that is challenging to obtain, maintain, and grow merchant accounts to accommodate business needs.  Access to credit is becoming scarce

The changing capitalization reserve ratios are causing banks to examine merchant account portfolios.  Some banks are putting caps on the amount of processing that can be run through high volume merchant accounts.  Other banks are deciding to no longer accept high risk processing.

Participation in the banking network is the most effective and efficient way to protect liquidity and cash flow.  Contact today.